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Bianca Kajlich Wants The Winchesters To Tackle Mythology From Her Czechoslovakian Roots - Exclusive

"The Winchesters" dives deep into folklore and mythology that we never saw on "Supernatural," leaving a whole world of untapped stories and cultures to pull from. The first two seasons of "Supernatural" are so beloved in part because of the standalone episodes that tackle classic folklore stories that fans might have heard by the fireside at camp. Whether it was Hook Man or Bloody Mary, the series' focus on specific tales of lore made for fascinating and strong episodes. 

Eventually, the show called for more and more angels vs. demons storylines, which were epic in their own right, but fans missed some of the classic early stories of the series. Now, "The Winchesters" is dipping back into some of those tales — whether it's Celtic mythology or lost lore. The '70s vibe of the show offers the perfect opportunity for folk tales to come to the forefront, and the Akrida are responsible for bringing these forgotten tales to life. As a result, there's a whole wide world of folklore to pull from, and Millie Winchester actor Bianca Kajlich has her own idea of what mythology should be next. 

Looper spoke to Kajlich during an exclusive interview, where she said that she would love to see the mythology of her Czechoslovakian roots in an episode of "The Winchesters." She also explained why she wanted to keep a fresh perspective on the show and not dive too deep into "Supernatural" mythology. 

The dark mythos of old country folklore

When we asked whether Bianca Kajlich has any favorite monsters or mythological creatures that she'd love to see Millie go up against, she pitched some personal mythology. "My family is from Czechoslovakia, from the old country. I know that there are some pretty dark monsters from old legends," she explained. "That's the area where vampires come from, but that's a little too basic for me. I have to think on that. There are some pretty dark and mysterious monsters from the old country."

At the mention of the show diving into different aspects of lore that we haven't seen yet, and how cool that would be, Kajlich agreed, adding, "Isn't it awesome? We're all impressed weekly when we get our scripts and what they're coming up with. I cannot wait to continue to see what they write."

Speaking of lore, Millie is the one grandparent that we didn't get much information on during the original "Supernatural" run. We asked Kajlich if she went back to dive into that mythology or if she wanted to go in with a fresh lens, and she wanted to put her own spin on things. 

"I purposely avoided the show until after the pilot, because Millie was so adamant not to enter into that world, and I wanted to honor that," she noted. "To be honest, it's such a compliment to Robbie Thompson in that Millie had probably the smallest part of the pilot, and yet he had written her so fully fleshed in those small moments that we saw that everything that I needed was on the page. I had to show up and let it slip on like a glove, and I feel so grateful to Robbie for that." Millie is an incredible addition to the franchise, so Kajlich definitely made the right call.

"The Winchesters" returns from its winter hiatus on The CW on Tuesday, Jan. 24. All episodes are available to watch for free on The CW website and app.