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Why Miles Fowler Left The Resident After Just One Season

When Emily VanCamp left "The Resident" after four seasons (via Deadline), the medical drama needed new cast members. Another young actor joining the series in Season 5 indicated that the show would be receiving some fresh storylines.

The long-lost son of neurosurgeon Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas), Trevor Daniels is an intense, passionate young doctor who sees the medical system as a failure. Daniels starts interning at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, though he initially clashes with the other doctors over his casual arrogance. Sutton meanwhile is concerned about her son discovering the truth: He was conceived as a product of her sexual assault at age 13.

Eventually, Trevor finds out, and though he helps her expose the rapist, in the aftermath he does depart from Chastain for good. While audiences can understand his character's swift departure, here's why Miles Fowler actually left the show.

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Fowler evidently chose not to renew his contract

According to Newsweek, Miles Fowler was originally supposed to be a guest star on "The Resident," then FOX promoted him to be a series regular. However, the actor also only signed up for one season of the network drama. His departure doesn't seem to be contentious either, as producers said he was welcome to return.

It's possible then that Fowler simply wants to move onto other projects and wasn't interested in staying on the show for another season. He already guest starred on the HBO series "Winning Time" (via IMDb).

Luckily, his character got a nice send-off with his last Season 5 episode, "6 Volts." Daniels meets up with Sutton and explains that he only wanted to be a doctor for his mother's approval, having decided he wants to work in biotech instead. Sutton also tells Daniels that she loves him and sees him as her son. It's a poignant scene that gives the two of them closure after so much mutual pain and grief.