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Emily VanCamp Reveals Her True Feelings About Leaving The Resident

Following the news this summer that Emily VanCamp would be exiting "The Resident" after four seasons, the actress officially departed the Fox series in the third episode of Season 5 when her character, Nic Nevin, succumbed to a brain injury that she had sustained in a car accident.

VanCamp had portrayed the character, a nurse practitioner, since the first season of the medical drama, which follows the lives of the staff of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Nic was married to Conrad Hawkins, a resident portrayed by star and co-executive producer Matt Czuchry, and the two had welcomed a daughter, Gigi, in Season 4.

VanCamp recently welcomed a daughter of her own — the pregnancy storyline slightly overlapped with the actress' real-life pregnancy (via Deadline) — with husband Josh Bowman. The two, who are very private about their personal lives, met when they starred on the ABC drama "Revenge" together. 

In a new interview with Deadline, VanCamp revealed she made the decision to leave "The Resident" because her priorities had shifted and she wanted to focus more on their family.

Emily VanCamp has nothing but good things to say about The Resident

For VanCamp, the decision to leave "The Resident" to focus on her family was a difficult one, but it was also the right choice for the Marvel actress at this point in time.

"It's such a bittersweet moment for me. I loved doing 'The Resident' so much for the four years I was on it," VanCamp told Deadline, noting that nothing bad precipitated her exit. "It's the exact opposite," she said. "There's nothing but love and respect between all of us and this decision was not an easy one for anybody but it was the right one for me, personally. I'm grateful that I was met with understanding and compassion."

VanCamp confirmed that she and the writers had been talking about her exit for a while. "I spent so many years on network television, but then suddenly priorities shifted. I think there comes a moment in every woman's life — in every person's life — where it becomes less about work and more about family, and that's what happened while I was making the show," she said.

"Doing that many episodes in a different city and then you add Covid to that, most of us couldn't see our families for almost a year," she continued. "It really solidified for me that family is where my heart is at the moment."

But while VanCamp's time on "The Resident" has come to an end, she wouldn't rule out appearing in future episodes in flashbacks. "Never say never," she mused.

"The Resident" airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox.