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The Best Christmas Episode According To That '70s Show Fans

"That '70s Show" continues to stand out as one of the funniest sitcoms of all time. In a sea of workplace comedies and family-focused dramas, "That '70s Show" stood out as a hilarious nostalgic walk down memory lane, highlighting the major ups and downs of one America's most formative decades. Focusing on the young and the old, "That '70s Show" was widely praised when it first debuted in 1998 on Fox. Writing for the Miami Herald, critic Terry Jackson praised the show's ability to serve as a looking glass into the past, providing older audiences a glimpse back into their childhood. "For adults who were teens in the disco age, 'That '70s Show' offers some very funny and accurate remembrances of growing up," the critic wrote. "For teens today, it's a history lesson that could bring a shocking revelation: Their parents once behaved a lot like they do."

Beyond giving insight into the pop culture, fashion, and political attitudes that manifested in the '70s, the series provided deeper appreciation about key traditions and holidays. Over the show's reign, the Fox sitcom displayed iconic American traditions through the eyes of both the young and old, including Christmas. What was Christmas like in the '70s? The series had a number of Christmas episodes, each more different than the last. Ask fans and they'll say that there's a clear winner when it comes to best "That '70s Show" holiday episode.

Fans think Season 1 has the best Christmas episode

Over the course of eight seasons, "That '70s Show" managed to pump out five Christmas episodes, and two Thanksgiving themed specials. When time comes from the annual Holiday special binge with loved ones, it can be difficult to find the perfect "'70s Show" episode that perfectly encapsulates the Christmas spirit. In a Reddit poll posted on the show's fan subreddit, user u/hi_i_am_kai asked fellow fans to vote on the best Christmas episode. Taking the champion title with 135 votes is Episode 12 from Season 1, titled "The Best Christmas Ever." 

The episode follows Eric (Topher Grace) trying to throw a party in the basement, which leads to hilarious results with a spiked punch bowl, courtesy of Laurie (Lisa Robin Kelly). "Not to be cliché but season 1's is the best to me," wrote user u/youguys_lookFabulous. Similar sentiments were echoed by u/evad4009, who pointed out how "Season 1's [episode] had the feeling of having 2 types of Christmas one up with the adults and in the basement with the friends which is cool."

"The Best Christmas Ever" notably features one of the most memorable moments from the show, at least to star Ashton Kutcher. While speaking om the 100th Episode Special for "That '70s Show," the Kelso actor noted how he injured himself while jumping over a couch, trying to speak to Laurie. "My heels hit the edge of the couch and I slipped off and took it right in the shins with the table," the actor said. The live audience found Kutcher's injury so hilarious that it was kept in the episode. Talk about a memorable Christmas!