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Titans' Ryan Potter Says Joseph Morgan's Professionalism Makes Him A Dream Co-Star - Exclusive

Few actors play compelling villains quite like Joseph Morgan. Not only did he play the dastardly original vampire Klaus Mikaelson for years on The CW series "The Vampire Diaries," but his performance was gripping (and beloved) enough to inspire "The Originals" spinoff. Morgan has a way of making fans love his villainous characters even when they're the worst, and he's now bringing that energy to the HBO Max series "Titans."

Morgan plays the culty DC Comics character Sebastian Blood — a DC player we haven't seen all that much in a live-action capacity. Given that he doesn't have a ton of portrayals to contend with, Morgan is able to give the role some fresh blood.

Gar actor Ryan Potter doesn't have a whole lot of face time with Morgan, but he's quick to praise the actor's professionalism. During an exclusive interview with Looper, Potter explained why his character doesn't engage with Morgan much onscreen but complimented the notoriety and professionalism that Morgan brings to his role.

Joseph Morgan: Bringing the stakes

On whether Potter has gotten the chance to work with Morgan and if he can tease anything about that storyline, Potter said, "It's tricky because Joseph and I are complete opposites [in terms] of what we bring to the show. Joseph is portraying this really complex human-turned-villain, and I play a fairly simple individual who is always trying to bring levity."

Though their characters don't have a whole lot in common, it would be pretty entertaining to see Blood and Gar engaging more on the show. And though that's probably not in the cards for the duo, it's still fun to think about. Potter added to the subject, "While Joseph is bringing the stakes and the intensity, the darkness to the show, I'm always on the other end, trying to dismantle how gruesome our show can get. So we actually don't have many scenes with one another."

A professional villain

"I don't know if it was on purpose, but tonally it made sense. I got to spend some time with him in the gym and in passing, and he's an incredible human being and the most professional villain we've had on our show yet," Potter added. "His artistic process — it's every actor's dream to be able to work with someone who not only inspires them but also reminds them that what they get to do is a privilege and that the craft is an art form but also still a privilege."

Leave it to Morgan to love every moment of playing the villain. That passion and depth are why fans love watching him so much. 

"Joseph embodies that and understands it fully. He shows up with a commitment and a joy that I haven't really seen on our show, especially from the villains," Potter continued. "Shout out to Seamus [Dever], who is our villain in Season 1. Joseph brings a level of professionalism and notoriety to the show that we otherwise haven't had, and he shows you that you can be a good villain and still be a good human."

New episodes of "Titans" stream Thursdays on HBO Max.