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The Winchesters Fans Are Over The Moon About Mary And John's Long-Awaited Kiss

It should have surprised absolutely no remotely engaged viewer of "The Winchesters" that series leads John (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly) would eventually find their lips on a collision course on the popular CW show. The much-anticipated face-on-facing of the two characters finally arrived in the series' action-jammed mid-season finale, as the monster-hunting pair raced against time and, of course, monsters, on their quest to rescue Mary's dad from the Akrida.

In Episode 7, "Reflections," John and Mary plan to deploy the ever-so-handy Men of Letters box against the Akrida to take advantage of the fact that the bug-like Akrida function as a hive-mind. Thus, when they use the box to trap the bug-queen Roxy and transport her away, they hope that will also take care of the entire villainous Akrida hive. But, no such luck, 'cuz Roxy isn't the royal insectoid they thought she was. So, with the murderous Akrida un-transported and closing in for the kill, John and Mary do the only rational thing two heroes about to perish could be expected to do: share a since-we're-gonna-die-anyway smooch. The lip-locking was well received by "The Winchesters" fandom, as was the fact that they (spoiler alert!)  did not, in fact, die.

Fans of The Winchesters found the John-and-Mary kiss entirely acceptable – and then some

When John and Mary finally gave "The Winchesters" buffs the requisite romantic close encounter they likely knew was coming, fans were quick to voice their approval. Taking to the show's subreddit to applaud the entire episode, user u/Tourniquet 91 declared, "Great episode, drama heavy. But that's one of the many elements that made ["Supernatural"] so great. And that kiss OMGSFAFGHJ." Fans eager to give the moment a shout-out on Twitter included @orangeglazxecake, who was apparently viewing the episode away from home: "Probably just woke up the entire ****ing hotel screaming about that kiss."

Also jumping onto Twitter to report their take on the snogging monster-slayers, @delicatepointov went all-caps to enthuse, "THAT KISS JUST MADE MY WHOLE YEAR." But possibly the most extreme reaction to the moment was revealed courtesy of a tweet from series' fan @deangirl14, who also hit the all-caps key to tweet their response to the scene: "THEY FINALLY KISSED IM CRYING AND SCREAMING AND THROWING UP YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THEY KISSED."

Sadly, "The Winchesters" is on winter break, so fans will have to wait until January 24 to see what happens next for these two lovebirds.