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Archer Fans Are Heartbroken Anew By The Omission Of Jessica Walter's Malory From Season 13's Intro Credits

Who knew that a series centered on the world's most dangerous super-spy being a total mess as a person could be so entertaining or funny? For 13 seasons, that's been the winning formula for the adult-animated comedy "Archer," along with its surprising quality action scenes and sharp writing. But the driving heart of "Archer" has been the show's cast of characters, whose constant infighting, rare moments of bonding and occasional backstabbing are hilariously portrayed thanks to the series' all-star voice acting talents. Unfortunately, in that department, "Archer" suffered a massive loss with the tragic death of Jessica Walter in 2021.

On "Archer," Walter portrayed ISIS boss and Sterling Archer's (H. Jon Benjamin) mother, Malory Archer. Usually with a drink in her hand, Malory could be seen on the show as verbally ruthless to her employees and entirely overbearing to Sterling. However, in large part to Walter's incredible talent, Malory's charm couldn't be denied despite her often negative interactions with other characters. And she soon became a beloved character among fans of the show. That's why it was bittersweet news when it was revealed that fans would have to say goodbye to the character for Season 13. And the character's omission from the Season 13 intro credits did not make that farewell any easier, as fans on Reddit expressed their heartbreak.

Fans noticed that Malory's silhouette was gone

"Archer" is a series that has experienced numerous changes and wacky transformations with its plot. But one item that's remained consistent throughout the seasons is the show's intro credits. While the jazzy theme music plays, the intro displays the names of the show's cast alongside silhouettes of their respective characters. For Seasons 1-12, this included seeing the name of Jessica Walter next to a profile of Malory Archer. But as fans on Reddit sadly pointed out with Season 13, Walter and Malory are no longer in the intro credits.

It's a realization that's understandably hitting some fans hard. "I was catching up to 'Archer,' and if Season 13's ending wasn't sad, Jessica Walter removed from the intro is also sad," u/MonsieurSundae posted. It definitely feels like there's a noticeable hole in the intro and the series with Malory gone. However, the credits do try to soften the loss with another change. Season 13's opening ends with all the remaining character silhouettes together, forming like puzzle pieces. This also fits with the season's lingering question of who takes over the company after Malory. It didn't go unnoticed by u/swnbv, who wrote, "I knew after 13 was announced that it would have to be different, but this was the best thing they could have replaced it with."

Malory missing from the intro also brought up some discussion among some fans about the way she was written off the show. In the Season 12 finale, the character sends a farewell letter to Archer and trades in the agency for a relaxed tropical beach with her husband, Ron Cadillac, voiced by Walter's late husband, Ron Leibman. "Her exit was a masterstroke. Still makes me sad :( ,"  u/smugfruitplate wrote.