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How Twitter Reacted To Avatar: The Way Of Water

You know the gist — 13 years in the making; new technology; underwater; yada yada yada. "Avatar: The Way of Water" was available to the press on December 6, but it's opening weekend for your regular ol' moviegoer. The film was released internationally on December 15, and those who rushed out to see the sequel are giving their reviews on Twitter.

James Cameron had a lot on his plate regarding the follow-up, but the director certainly isn't afraid of a challenge. There is at least one more sequel on the way after "The Way of Water" and possibly an additional two "Avatar" flicks if everything goes well for number two and moviegoers are happy. So, are they happy? Those lucky enough to see the film already certainly are, so there is a lot to look forward to from Cameron in the decade (plus) ahead. Here are the biggest takeaways from Twitter regarding the second "Avatar" movie.

The Way of Water is worth the 13-year wait

Let's get straight to it — finding a negative reaction to "Avatar: The Way of Water" is no easy feat. You could scroll for hours before seeing anyone slam the James Cameron sequel. "Just got out of #AvatarTheWayOfWater and wow what a gorgeous film. Didn't feel like 3 hours to me and I could honestly spend more time with this family and characters. I dont know how Cameron does it, but this is another win in my book," @gregscottbailey tweeted. "#AvatarTheWayOfWater did not disappoint! Epic graphics, acting, story telling, and did the original justice! Loved it," @GiselaRamizels added.

Some were going as far as to name "Avatar: The Way of Water" the best movie they'd ever seen. "That movie might just be my favorite movie of all time, the story! The visuals.. they had a battle in the beginning middle and end, and I loved every character," @WaKristina tweeted after watching the film. Another moviegoer compared the "Avatar" sequel to other recent underwater flicks, and it's clear one reigns supreme. "After #AvatarTheWayOfWater I will never ever watch the first #Aquaman again and I give a f**k about Aquaman 2. You can't watch a mega masterpiece like The Way of Water and on the next day hardcore trash like Aquarium-man 2. That's not possible," @lucaslu_ckli passionately tweeted. "Aquaman" and "The Way of Water" aren't even in the same ballpark, so watching the former again is going to come off as a major bummer. No offense to James Wan, but no one does underwater filmmaking like Cameron. 

If there is a downfall, it's the runtime

As we said, it's hard to find someone who totally rips on "Avatar: The Way of Water." But those who do have a gripe seem to take issue with the film's very lengthy 192-minute runtime. "I like the 1st 45 mins. The 1st underwater scene in the movie comes only after that. Then, it becomes a full-blown documentary on seas for like 1 hour. Maybe you lose touch on the medium (film) when you're gone for too long," @Kamal_Tweetz wrote of their experience. A lot of Twitter users mentioned that the film was a little too long in their posts, but they'd follow it up with a compliment. "#AvatarTheWayOfWater was incredibly beautiful. A long ride but so worth it," @cirixnf wrote. "Definitely a Disney family story and slightly long but overall a fun in-theater experience," @ashleylmo added.

If three-hour films aren't a problem for you and you have the mentality of "the longer the better" when it comes to movies, we doubt you'll have any complaints about "The Way of Water." User @MarioPOS admitted you don't even notice the three-hour-plus runtime. "The three hours doesn't seem long at all and you don't want it to end. You are constantly at the edge of your seat nervous. It is a movie theater experience," @IgoorBell added.

Avatar: The Way of Water is the sequel we wanted

If you loved the first "Avatar," you should be thrilled with "The Way of Water." "Avatar: The Way of Water is an excellent film with incredible visuals and 3D techniques. The story is more complex than the first Avatar movie, with well-developed emotions and characters. it's worth watching for the amazing visuals and story," @atifsabbarali. Twitter user @Dieg0_Peralta added that the sequel was "astoundingly impressive, and an incredible technical achievement expanding Cameron's legacy in the industry. Some pacing issues aside, there is a powerful, emotional story about family over the spectacle. The wait to return to Pandora was worth it."

There were plenty of tweets praising Zoe Saldana's Neytiri, which is no surprise given she's a standout in the original film. Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri's children also seem to be a highlight of "The Way of Water" and just might steal the show. 

You should also be ready to shed some tears. "Uhhh #AvatarTheWayOfWater was a near perfect movie. A stunning visual James Cameron masterpiece of a movie. Dude knows how to make a sequel. 9.8/10 My wife cried 10 times," @ryanhalevisual tweeted. "The Way of Water" appears to be worth the wait, and moviegoers are likely to have one of their best theater experiences of the year.