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Brendan Fraser Details The Complexity Of His Suit In The Whale

Medical issues and wanting to be with his family more pulled actor Brendan Fraser out of the Hollywood spotlight for an extended period of time (via Variety). However, his performance in 2022's "The Whale" has thrust him back in, much to the delight of his fans. However, with this specific role, Fraser's acting chops have gotten as much attention as how his character actually looks in the film. For those who don't know, Fraser plays the part of Charlie, a morbidly obese man nearing the end of his life. And what's as fascinating as the story itself, is how he was transformed to look the way he did.

While sitting down with Adam Sandler in Variety's "Actors on Actors" video series, the two discuss a wide range of topics, including their careers, their friendship, and details about Fraser's physical transformation for "The Whale." "What were you wearing? Your hands were so big," Sandler asked him. "Those were sleeves that came to the shoulder. There was a five-point harness that had me strapped in," Fraser explained. The "School Ties" star then went on to explain that the suit required him to have it on all day. However, he also revealed that this special body prosthesis wasn't the only tactic used to create the character's physical reality.

Brendan Fraser required computer-enhanced detailing

Fans who have followed Brendan Fraser over his more than three-decade career know how his own physical appearance has fluctuated during that time. He explained to Adam Sandler how this real-life connection helped him tackle his role in "The Whale." "It's important to say this because there are those who live with this disease ... Look, my weight has been all over the map," he said. And as for the added details to make him look as authentic as possible, Fraser explained how this process was much different compared to costume effects from over 20 years ago, which mainly consisted of stuffing. But, for his role as Charlie, this portrayal required some technical enhancements.

Although Fraser had to wear a bodysuit and prosthetics, computer alterations were required to capture his character's authenticity. "I put on weight to play this role, and it wasn't enough," he said. He continued to detail how the required suit was also combined with technical alterations. "It was created with a digital rendering of skin that was done with an iPad," he explained. Fraser also spoke on how the physical suit was a necessity for him to actually feel what Charlie was experiencing. "The custom pieces, themselves contain combinations of air-soft pellets, maybe dried beans, marbles," he recalled. "But the rule was that the whole look should obey the laws of physics and gravity because we don't see that in films."