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Why Drew Carey Made The Price Is Right Change His 'Star Of The Show' Introduction

Any way you slice it, "Price Is Right" is one of the most successful shows in television history. The show premiered in 1956 and ran for nine years. Then it was rebooted in 1972 with Bob Barker as the host. Barker helmed the game show for 35 years, until he stepped aside in favor of comedian Drew Carey. Currently, Carey is in the middle of his 16th season as the host.

Carey has been doing the show for so long that it's almost automatic for him. In 2022, while accepting an award on the show's behalf from the National Association of Broadcasters, Carey said that he arrives for work just 20 minutes before tapings, and seldom needs prep work. "I know all the games, I don't need to learn the prices, I don't need to. I know how the games are played, and I just play along with the contestants and have a good time and laugh all day," he said (via Deadline).

Naturally, it took time for Carey to be that comfortable. As Carey explained to People, before he took over for Barker, Barker gave Carey one big piece of advice: not to try to emulate Barker, but rather to do the show his own way. Early in his run, Carey made a big change to his introduction that he felt better reflected what the show is about.

Drew Carey didn't want to take the focus away from the real star of the show

Carey talked about the change in an interview with CBS This Morning, which aired in November 2019 (per YouTube). In it, he explained that when he started hosting "The Price Is Right," he used to be introduced as the "star" of the show. However, Carey feels that the contestants are the real stars of the show. "The only reason people watch the show is, they don't watch it for me. The main reason [is], they want to watch people going bonkers and having, like, the best day of their life," he said. Carey added that "The Price Is Right" contestants come from all walks of life, which only adds to the show's appeal. 

This was just one change made to "The Price Is Right" after Drew Carey took over. According to the Denver Post, a year into Carey's tenure Mike Richards was brought in as executive producer to alter the show so that it would fit Carey's sensibility. Some of Richards' changes involved updating the prizes to include high-tech gadgets like iPads, and introducing vacations with video presentations rather than the familiar rotating set pieces.

Drew Carey might have only taken the "Price Is Right" gig so he could buy a soccer team, but he still puts a lot of work into his craft.