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Fans Told Looper Which Storage Wars Cast Member Is Their Favorite - Exclusive Survey

When it comes to unlikely concepts for a virally potent, can't-miss reality TV series, A&E's "Storage Wars" would seem to generate an interest level somewhere behind "Picking Out Socks" and "Paint Drying." Seriously, what network exec thought, "Let's do a series built around a small gaggle of excitable people getting all in each others' faces while bidding on leftovers cluttering up some rando's long-forgotten storage space"?

Well, as it turns out, that network exec is probably kicking back on his or her own private island in the Bahamas now sipping something yummy out of a coconut shell with tiny umbrellas stuck in it. Debuting on A&E back in 2010, "Storage Wars" became nothing less than the channel's number one non-scripted series that same year, racking up well over two million viewers per episode (via USA Today). The wild success of the show has even generated its own little sub-genre of similar series, from "Container Wars" to "Baggage Battles." "Storage Wars" clearly strikes a note with fans who enjoy watching people hunt for fabulous treasures in unlikely places. Looper's exclusive survey can now reveal which of those eager bidders on the long-running hit series gets fans' votes for the GOAT on the show.

Storage Wars fans voted Brandi Passante their all-time fave

Loyal fans of "Storage Wars" are more than familiar with the tag-team aspect of the show that often finds a married couple or just a pair of pals seemingly pitted against each other in their bidding efforts. One of the best-known couples across multiple seasons of the series are life partners Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante. As the free-wheeling "cowboy bidder" known to let his emotions run away with his head, and his wallet, Jarrod was often the target of Brandi's more conservative take on whether to bid — and how much to bid — on a given storage locker's contents. But Brandi's put-on-the-brakes attitude could shift when the situation called for bolder action. And as it turns out, this dual nature resulted in Brandi being the favorite cast member on the show in Looper's exclusive survey of "Storage Wars" viewers.

In fact, Brandi ranked as the clear favorite of 26.28% out of 605 U.S. survey respondents queried. A considerable distance behind her was Dave Hester with 17.85% and Brandi's partner Jarrod with 15.87%. Coming in farther down the list on the survey list are, in order of preference: Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, and logging the lowest number of votes, Dan Dotson.