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The Last Of Us' Official Trailer Is As Harrowing As It Is Hopeful

Based on the acclaimed video game franchise of the same name, HBO's adaptation of "The Last of Us" is one of the most anticipated shows set to debut in 2023, with the latest trailer proving the series should be on everyone's radar. 

Created by Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley and Neil Druckman, "The Last of Us" was released to critical acclaim in 2013, with significant praise given to its engaging, emotional, and harrowing story of survival and conflict. The PlayStation 3 exclusive won over 40 awards (via IMDB), with IGN's Colin Moriarty dubbing it "a masterpiece," calling it the "PlayStation 3's best exclusive and an absolute must-play." With such warm reception, it's no surprise that Looper sister site SVG named "The Last of Us" one of the greatest games of all time. A sequel was later released in 2020 to similar acclaim. 

"The Last of Us" follows Joel, a middle-aged, grief-stricken man in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-riddled America who is tasked to smuggle the young Ellie across the country to the Fireflies, a rogue faction who believe the teenager holds the key to the zombie cure. With a cinematic story that oozes across-the-board appeal, Sony and developer Naughty Dog decided to partner up with HBO in 2020 to bring the franchise to the small screen. The premium cable network tapped "Chernobyl" helmer Craig Mazin and game creator Neil Druckman to bring the series to life. Production kicked off last year in Canada, with Pedro Pascal stepping into the shoes of the broken Joel. Joining the "Mandalorian" actor is "Game of Thrones" standout Bella Ramsey, who stars as the angsty Ellie.

Now, after months of anticipation HBO has finally debuted a new harrowing, yet ultimately hopeful trailer for "The Last of Us."

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey shine in the latest look at the HBO series

The new trailer for "The Last of Us" features iconic scenes from the first game, as well as brand new moments that will surely leave fans excited. The trailer kicks off with Pedro Pascal's Joel and Ellie (Ramsey) exchanging dialogue about how family is the most important thing worth living for. Ellie asks her protector if the both of them are family. "No. You're cargo," the jaded Joel replies, hinting at his mission to drive the young woman across the zombie-filled America. The trailer continues with a sweeping shot of serene landscapes (presumably Jasper, Wyoming), an image which is juxtaposed with battered, dirty, and destroyed human streets filled with violence. 

The latest look at the HBO series drives home how Ellie may potentially possess the cure for the zombie virus, which has completely destroyed the country. As viewers are treated to stunning views of the dilapidated world, a rendition of A-ha's "Take on Me" begins to play — a track which should be familiar to those who played 2020's "The Last of Us Part II." The rest of the fast-paced trailer shows Joel and Ellie interacting in various situations and seasons, showing just how dangerous their trek is. Some of the friends and foes they run into on their journey are also seen, such as the fan-favorite Bill (Nick Offerman) and Marlene (Merle Dandridge), the nefarious leader of the rogue Fireflies. Fans of the video game will also be delighted to know that Joel and Ellie voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson can also be spotted in the trailer (via Twitter). 

HBO's "The Last of Us" starts airing on January 15.