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The Full-Length Trailer For The Witcher: Blood Origin Is Here

Netflix is expanding the world of "The Witcher." 

The streaming giant sent shockwaves throughout the geek kingdom in 2017 when they announced an adaptation of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski's brutal fantasy series for the small screen. With Superman star Henry Cavill in tow as Geralt of Rivia, "The Witcher" debuted to acclaim in the winter of 2019, becoming one of Netflix's most watched series (via Insider). With viewers quickly becoming obsessed with the lush and tragic world of the Continent, the streamer naturally decided to double down on its "Witcher" offerings, expanding Sakowski's on-screen world.

2021 saw the release of "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf," an animated spin-off film based on Vesemir's (voiced by Theo James) early days. With a third season of "The Witcher" in production and not set to release until 2023, Netflix has decided to treat fans this year with "Blood Origin," a live-action prequel miniseries set over 1,000 years before Geralt's adventures. Created by "The Witcher" writer Declan de Barra, "Blood Origin" will showcase the birth of the first Witcher and provide deep insight into the Elven clan.

While fans have shared their concerns about "Blood Origin," their anxieties should be quelled as Netflix has finally debuted an action-packed full-length trailer for "The Witcher" prequel, which provides clarity on the direction the fantasy series is going in. 

The Blood Origin trailer shows the Elven kingdom at its peak

The first full-length trailer for "The Witcher: Blood Origin" was released on YouTube following Netflix's panel at Brazil's CCXP. The official Twitter account for the series also debuted a brand new one-sheet, which highlights some of the miniseries' most prominent characters.The conflict-heavy trailer is filled to the brim with stunning visuals, giving fans a brief look at the Continent's early and perhaps more prosperous days. 

Viewers are also treated to more information on the show's roster of characters, which includes Michelle Yeoh's Scian, who searches the Continent for a mythical blade stolen from her people, and Sophia Brown's Éile, a former member of the Queen's Guard. Joining the duo on their journey is the revenge-seeking Fjall, played by Laurence O'Fuarain. As expected, the trailer highlights just how prominent and powerful the Elven kingdom once was. Light on concrete details, the latest look at the series confirms two things: audiences will see the birth of the first ever Witcher, a pivotal moment that changes the fate of the Continent, and that Joey Batey will be returning as the fan-favorite Jaskier. 

All four episodes of "The Witcher: Blood Origin" will be available to stream on December 25, 2022.