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Chumlee Discusses Some Of His Favorite Items He Found While Filming Pawn Stars Do America - Exclusive

When "Pawn Stars" first aired on History, many viewers probably didn't know what to expect. But that all changed with the Harrison family being placed front and center in this modern update to "Antique Roadshow." People would visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas to see how much their precious belongings were actually worth. Sometimes, people would walk away with beaucoup bucks. Other times, Rick Harrison had the unfortunate pleasure of telling someone a prized family heirloom is actually worthless.

The reality series also introduced the world to Chumlee, Corey Harrison's best friend who also worked at the shop. Over the years, Chumlee has learned a lot about the pawning business, with viewers watching every step of the way. Now, Chumlee is a valuable team member who gets to go along for the journey when the team travels across the country looking for other goods in their newest History series, "Pawn Stars Do America."

Chumlee has seen a lot throughout his career, and going to other states allowed him a gander at items he may have never had a chance to check out otherwise. In an exclusive interview with Looper, Chumlee discussed some of his favorite stuff he came across while shooting the "Pawn Stars" spin-off.

From clothing to Pokémon cards

People travel from all over the globe to visit Las Vegas, so the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop sees some eclectic clientele. However, there are still plenty of valuables out there that the "Pawn Stars" crew may have never seen if they stayed in their home state. Chumlee had a chance to peruse numerous items that were within his realm of expertise, and he had a blast doing so. 

Chumlee related one particular item he came across in Seattle that tickled his fashion bone: "I love clothing and the fashion, so I came across a really cool sample Chanel cardigan ... I've never seen it before. It's a one-off thing where they've made maybe one or a handful of them. That was really cool." Of course, Chumlee's also a fan of Pokémon and other trading cards, and there were plenty of those to be found along their excursion. 

It seemed like there was something breathtaking every step of the trip, with Chumlee and the gang trying to make deals on everything from old medals to field gun cannons. But there was one thing Chumlee recalled vividly was when they were down in Austin, Texas: "I bought something really cool: antique carousel horses made from wood, and they're antique, because one of the things that they would do when they first started making carousels is make the carousel horse with actual horse hair for the tail and the mane." And that's only a small sampling of what you'll see from the locations featured in "Pawn Stars Do America." 

New episodes of "Pawn Stars Do America" air every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on HISTORY and are available for streaming the next day.