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The Coolest Pokemon Card Memorabilia Chumlee Found While Shooting Pawn Stars Do America - Exclusive

The appeal of something like "Pawn Stars" is that you never know what that junk in your garage might actually be worth. Many collectibles get passed down from one generation to the next, so when someone's in need of a bit of cash, they can head over to their local pawn shop to see how much they can get for an item. Of course, while your usual hock shop may have some old guitars and previous generation iPhones, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada has more eclectic options. 

As demonstrated over the last 13 years or so, "Pawn Stars" showcases how Rick Harrison and his coworkers have seen pretty much everything in this line of work. They've even come across what may be considered a more solid financial investment than the stock market — Pokémon cards. The right piece could easily sell for thousands of dollars, and long-time pawn shop employee Chumlee knows what this stuff is worth. He's come across quite a few valuable cards over the years, including a Charizard collection that Harrison ultimately passed over, missing out on a big payday. But plenty of people still turn to the guys for an appraisal of their collections, including one case Chumlee related to Looper in an exclusive interview about some really cool Pokémon memorabilia. 

Chumlee saw some uncut Pokémon cards while filming Pawn Stars Do America

"Pawn Stars Do America" sees Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and Chumlee traveling around the country to see what else they can get their hands on from people who may not ordinarily have a chance to swing by the shop in Las Vegas. As anyone who's watched "Pawn Stars" can attest, Chumlee is a big Pokémon fan, so he was undoubtedly pleased when a collector came in with two giant sheets of uncut cards. One sheet held nothing but Machamp while the other had a bit more variety, featuring holo versions of Mewtwo, Gyrados, and Ninetails, to name a few. 

As Chumlee described to Looper, "[It was] basically a poster-size sheet of 20-year-old Pokémon cards that had never been cut by the machine." Sadly, as the episode attests, Chumlee couldn't make a deal on the sheets. The seller simply wanted more for the cards than they were worth. Chumlee even brought in an expert who mentioned how much each sheet would reasonably retail for, but as has happened so often on the reality series, they were just too far apart in price. 

Still, it's not every day you get a chance to see Pokémon cards uncut, and these were really something special seeing how they're from the original sets from over 20 years ago. Maybe more sheets will pop up on "Pawn Stars" now that collectors know how much they can get out of them. 

New episodes of "Pawn Stars Do America" air every Wednesday 8:00 p.m. ET on HISTORY and are available for streaming the next day.