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DC Is Finally Advertising Henry Cavill's Superman Return

After a lengthy absence, Henry Cavill's Superman returns in the DC Extended Universe in a "Black Adam" post-credits scene, teasing a potential future confrontation between him and Teth-Adam (Dwayne Johnson). Even before the bombshell dropped, rumors were flying, and Johnson insisted that Black Adam and Superman will one day fight onscreen. The exact configuration of the DCEU's current hierarchy of power remains to be seen until they trul clash, but one thing has been conspicuously missing from the equation. Though he has clearly returned in at least some capacity, DC has stayed fairly silent about Cavill's Superman return, "Black Adam"-adjacent stuff notwithstanding. 

It appears that this is about to change, at least if Warner Bros. Discovery's convention game is to be believed. At Brazil's massive CCXP convention this year, the entertainment giant has made clear that it definitely isn't shying away from using Cavill in marketing. 

A banner confirms Cavill's Superman is back in DC marketing

Henry Cavill is very much present in the DCEU, at least if Warner Bros. Discovery's CCXP presence is anything to go by (via Collider). The company's booth prominently displays a banner that features DC's current biggest superhero acts: Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Black Adam, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and the Robert Pattinson incarnation of Batman as the sole non-DCEU representative. Rounding up the group is none other than Cavill's Superman, returning to the forefront of DC marketing in all his blue and red glory. 

Unfortunately, that image is all we're getting — at least, for now. The Portuguese text accompanying the character simply reads "Justice League," which, Snyder Cut notwithstanding, is the last movie Cavill's Superman appeared in a major capacity. Still, it shows that Cavill's still very much in the DCEU team, such as it is. After all, if they wouldn't plan to feature him in any way in the future, they could easily have left him off the banner. This is what seem to have happened to Ezra Miller's Flash, which may indicate that the troubled actor remains a bit of a hot potato, despite his movie coming out in 2023. 

Future DCEU projects will show what — if anything — this banner teases for Superman. At the very least, Cavill's fans can breath a sigh of relief now that DC seems to be willing to use his face in their promotions once again.