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What Has Misha Collins Been Doing Since Supernatural Ended?

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Misha Collins joined the cast of "Supernatural" in Season 4 as one of the angels that the Winchesters had to cope with accepting were real. At first, it didn't really seem like Collins or any of the other angels would last more than a season or two. Most seasons of "Supernatural" feature a specific antagonist, like the Leviathans from Season 7, or a specific goal, like closing the gates of Hell forever in Season 8. Once a story is covered, some characters may reoccur, but it's not likely that the show will fixate on them again.

Originally, the angels were set up to be the main focus of Seasons 4 and 5, but fans expected that once Season 5 ended, angels would only occasionally show up like every other monster the Winchesters face. Misha Collins just might have been the reason that the angels stuck around and were so influential for most of the rest of the series, though. Immediately popular with fans, Collins' Castiel proved to be the perfect balance of powerful, snarky, and compassionate enough to take an interest in the Winchesters despite his divine purpose.

Castiel soon became intertwined with Sam and Dean as a consistent third protagonist. Starring in nearly 150 episodes of the series, more than any other reoccurring character aside from the Winchesters, love for Castiel still lives strong in the fandom. Since "Supernatural" ended in 2020, Collins has gone on to work on a few new projects for his fans to enjoy.

Misha Collins appeared in the 2021 film Encounter

"Encounter" is an Amazon Prime original alien movie about a father trying to protect his two sons from impending doom. In a way, "Encounter" is framed as a coming-of-age story, because in his attempts to save his sons from alien parasites, Malik Khan's (Riz Ahmed) two boys, Jay (Lucian-River Chauhan) and Bobby (Aditya Geddada), have to grow up far more quickly than they really should have.

In reality, "Encounter" is framed as an authentic alien film about a parasite that works its way into human hosts to reproduce. Malik even insists that their mother has been infected with the alien parasite, but as the film goes on, Jay begins to doubt what his father is telling him and his little brother. Old enough to be both skeptical and to identify that his father is seeing things that he isn't, Jay uncovers the truth of what's actually happening. His father has suffered some sort of mental break and he's currently being hunted by the authorities for kidnapping his sons.

Misha Collins plays a character named Dylan. Dylan is Piya's (Janina Gavankar) — Jay and Bobby's mother — new partner. After divorcing Malik, she found new love with Dylan, who not only lives with the family but has taken on the role of a stepfather to the boys. Piya is pregnant with Dylan's child during the events of the film.

The podcast series Bridgewater stars Collins

In 2021, Misha Collins also starred in all ten episodes of Season 1 of a podcast series called "Bridgewater." This podcast tells the fictional story of Misha Collins as folklore professor Jeremy Bradshaw as he's pulled into investigating the 1980 disappearance of his father, Thomas Bradshaw (Nathan Fillion). After believing that his father, who was a police officer, fell victim to a cult, new evidence leads him to reevaluate everything he knew about his father's disappearance.

The "Bridgewater" website focuses on aspects of Thomas' fate and promises potential listeners an exciting and unnerving listen. Since in the world of the podcast it's already believed that Thomas was the victim of a Satanic cult operating in the Bridgewater Triangle, inquiring whether or not the truth is even darker and, perhaps, unexplainable, is sure to pique interest.

"Bridgewater" is an ambitious work of haunting fiction recorded entirely for listening purposes. With such talented actors lending their voices to the project, the horror of Jeremy's investigation is brought to life in chilling detail. The podcast is set to release Season 2 in the near future.

Misha Collins is joining DC

Slated for 2023, the CW (the same network that aired "Supernatural") will be premiering a new DC live-action series called "Gotham Knights." This series is meant to explore the city of Gotham in the wake of Batman's murder. Without Bruce Wayne to patrol the streets as the Dark Knight, Gotham once again falls into turmoil. Well, to be fair, Gotham is always like that, even with Batman roaming about, but it becomes noticeably worse after Bruce's death.

"Gotham Knights" is introducing a new adopted son of Bruce Wayne, Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan). Turner was created specifically for this series, which will be interesting because he is framed for Bruce's murder. Though fans have to wonder why the series decided to create a brand new character when Bruce is notorious for adopting kids and taking them under his superhero wing. Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, for example, both ended up as Robin under Batman's training.

Misha Collins is set to play an important role in the series, though. Collins has been cast to play Harvey Dent. Harvey is usually portrayed as the youngest District Attorney Gotham has ever seen, and he is (at first) an exceptional man. Wholly believing in the justice system and wanting to do everything he can to clean up the streets of Gotham, he inevitably is corrupted by the evils of the very city he wishes to protect. Harvey becomes the villainous Two-Face, so fans expect that Collins' interpretation will also ascend to super-villainy.