Fans Agree If You Watch One Movie About A Bear On Drugs It Should Be Cocaine Bear

Few movies can boast a title as utterly unhinged as "Cocaine Bear" has. What makes the upcoming film even more surprising, though, is that it's actually based on a true story (via Backpacker). While the real-life bear didn't go on a murderous rampage after getting its snout into 75 pounds of nose candy, the premise of a drug-fuelled black bear murdering hapless townies and hikers is a wacky one indeed.

Hailing from director and producer Elizabeth Banks, "Cocaine Bear" seems to be embracing the goofiness of its central conceit wholeheartedly in its first trailer. With a surprisingly robust cast, including Ray Liotta (in his final role), Keri Russell, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Margo Martindale, it looks like the 2023 release is definitely going to be a movie as entertaining as it is insane. Prospective viewers certainly seem to agree on that much as well, at least as far as social media reactions to the trailer go.

People are very excited to see the craziness of Cocaine Bear

Viewers of the trailer for "Cocaine Bear" quickly turned to social media to share their enthusiasm for the wild, carnage-filled ride the movie looks to be taking audiences on in February. "Honestly, we need more movies with outlandish premises like this," tweeted @tapzsf. Though the occasional "Snakes on a Plane" does still come along in the cinematic world, it has been some time since one with this high of a profile (or star) has emerged from the wilderness.

Meanwhile, @Quints_Revenge offered a more poetic take on the majesty of "Cocaine Bear," tweeting: "I have seen sunsets on exotic beaches in foreign lands that pale in comparison to the majestic beauty of this trailer." While that might undersell exotic beaches a tad as many of us enter winter's cold embrace, it certainly is a statement that would make a good pull quote for the film's poster.

On the r/movies subreddit, users were also quick to show their excitement for "Cocaine Bear." In a thread showcasing the trailer, fans chomped at the bit to heap praises on the upcoming film. "I thought Oscar bait usually released at the end of the year," wrote u/sephiroth682000. U/JeffRyan1 also thought the film looked pitch perfect, writing: "If you're going to call a movie COCAINE BEAR, it better look like this." Viewers will have their chance to go wild when "Cocaine Bear" comes to theaters on February 24, 2023.