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Japanese Manga Series Gannibal Heading To Disney+

While Walt Disney is a name associated with children's entertainment, Disney+ is a streaming service that features a wide range of content. The streaming service is home to animated features like "Frozen," "Encanto," and "Turning Red," a bevy of awe-inspiring documentaries, and a collection of superhero movies, as well as the ever-expanding list of shows dedicated to exploring that galaxy far, far away. Plenty of interesting shows and films have been added to Disney+ in 2022, but the year isn't over yet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, audiences can look forward to the worldwide premiere of "Gannibal" on Disney+ before the year is out. The same source reports that the first trailer for the series was unveiled at The Walt Disney Co.'s annual content showcase in Singapore.

Live-action adaptations of anime and manga are pretty common these days. "Gannibal" will be joining the ranks of shows like "Death Note" and movies like "Attack on Titan Part 1." A first glimpse at the show indicates that the narrative will be action-packed and innovative while staying true to the source material. Without further ado, here's what you can expect from the series.

Gannibal is a mystery thriller with a twist

The first trailer for "Gannibal" shows viewers right off the bat that this series will have no shortage of twists and turns. Based on the manga by Masaaki Ninomiya, the show will star Japanese actor Yuya Yagira as Daigo Agawa, a young police officer who was recently assigned to the village of Kuge (via The Hollywood Reporter). The trailer seemingly indicates that Agawa will have a contentious relationship with a mysterious family called the Gotos, who have a reputation for being odd. As Agawa becomes more familiar with the community, he's forced to confront the fact that residents of Kuge hold dark secrets.

"'Gannibal' is a thriller that will leave audiences gasping with shock after every episode," said producer Teruhisa Yamamoto, teasing the show's plot. "But it's also a human story that reflects upon the differences between family values and culture that, at a glance, seem so contradictory and yet are so relatable. With 'Gannibal' and our other Japanese local content, we are building on Disney's rich history of storytelling and are combining it with Japanese creativity to open new doors of entertainment for everyone."

A cop seeking justice combined with a nail-biting mystery is bound to be entertaining. It's been reported that the show will be directed by Shinzo Katayama and that the cast will feature the talents of Show Kasamatsu and Riho Yoshioka.

"Gannibal" premieres on Disney+ on December 28, 2022.