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Yes, That Is The Angry Retail Guy From TikTok In The Cocaine Bear Trailer

Whether you wanted it to or not, TikTok has gone mainstream. The social media platform that is basically a more extended version of Vine has been everyone's obsession, but now, you won't have to open the app to get your specifically tailored algorithm. Instead, you will see one of your favorite content creators on the big screen. And there is no better film to lend his brand of humor to in this meta timeline we live in.

This content creator's name is Scott Seiss, and he has blown up recently because of his videos that many retail workers will find relatable. When he is not picking apart insufferable customers through his videos, he will make his feature film debut in the upcoming drug-fueled extravaganza "Cocaine Bear" (via IMDb). The trailer for "Cocaine Bear" looks about as wild as the large animal in it that loses his mind and fans were quick to point out the notable personality who appears in the first few seconds.

Cocaine Bear has the last laugh

"Cocaine Bear" may be a host to a wide array of notable actors, but many fans on Twitter picked out Scott Seiss without hesitation. "Wait!" noted @jdubs1966. "That's 'Angry Retail Guy' from the TikTok videos. Love it." Featured as one of the characters who initially discovers the titular bear, Seiss may unfortunately not be long for this world. After entering the shack where the stimulated bear is, Seiss appears to be the animal's first attack as it launches itself through the door. Though potentially short-lived, this did not lessen fan enthusiasm for his appearance. "@ScottSeiss in THE MOVIE THAT WILL BE BIGGER THAN AVATAR!!!!!!!," exclaimed @DeeWasJoking. @Mando_Riv celebrated: "Scott Seiss made it to the big time!" But the best response came from the actor himself

"I told y'all I was in #CocaineBear," he posted upon the trailer's release. Seiss is in good company. Among many accomplished actors include Ray Liotta in his last film before his death. And what a movie it seems to be. Based on a true story about a drug smuggler failing to stick a landing from an airplane jump, a large black bear ended up consuming a large portion of drugs that had fallen in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Per Rolling Stone, the bear expired due to overdose, making it clear that this film is a work of fiction more than anything else. But true or not, it looks like it will be without comparison when it premieres in 2023.