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Wild Bill Praises Landon Cheney's Charitable Actions As A Result Of Deadliest Catch Success

Over the years, Captain "Wild Bill" Wichrowski has established himself as one of the toughest, most aggressive captains in all of "Deadliest Catch." According to his co-star Johnathan Hillstrand, he first earned the nickname of "Wild Bill" due to one memorable occasion wherein he tracked down a group of thugs who had put his friends in the hospital, fired an AR-15 at them, and then broke their hands one-by-one with the butt of his rifle (via Larry King Now).

Although Wichrowski has never performed something that extreme during his time on "Deadliest Catch," he hasn't been shy about getting into shouting matches with his crew from time-to-time, and has no reservations about firing deckhands on the spot for poor behavior. Paradoxically, it's important to note that "Wild Bill" Wichrowski is also one of the most charitable members of the "Deadliest Catch" cast — donating to support breast cancer research and a charity that protects children from online predators.

On top of that, he's also gone on the record to assert his fondness for the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that provides support to veterans with psychological or physical trauma. Despite his intimidating demeanor and somewhat violent history, it's clear that Wichrowski has a fondness for charity work — something that appears to have passed down to his crew, as deckhand Landon Cheney has also used the show's success to embolden his charitable efforts.

Landon Cheney uses his notoriety from the show to fund his charity work

Fans of "Deadliest Catch" will likely know Landon Cheney best as the recently-promoted deck boss of Captain "Wild Bill" Wichrowski's F/V Summer Bay, who replaced the late Nick McGlashan after the latter passed away of a tragic drug overdose. Although Landon's screen time isn't nearly as prolific as that of his captain's, Wichrowski made sure to let everyone know that Landon has enjoyed a decent amount of success from his time on "Deadliest Catch" — which Landon uses for his own charity work.

"You know and a lot of guys will take this and use it for charity purposes too, the notoriety from the show," Whicrowski explained during an interview with Headliner Chicago. "Like Landon... he's always working with some charity, he's always doing some good stuff." Wichrowski's praise for Landon's charitable actions should come as no surprise considering his own history of charity work, though it is certainly notable that he should call out Landon specifically for using the show's success to do something good.

In any case, perhaps fans will lock at the deck boss of the F/V Summer Bay in a new light from now on — knowing his commitment to charity outside of his work on "Deadliest Catch"