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The Entire Xena: Warrior Princess Timeline Explained

A spin-off of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," "Xena: Warrior Princess" was always destined to garner a cult following thanks to its female-driven stories and powerful, stereotype-defying women. Like "Hercules," "Xena" plays around with real-world mythology, reimagining figures from Greek, Norse, and Roman myth as action heroes and villains with a campy, comic book-style approach. Against this backdrop of wacky, god-defying shenanigans, "Xena" manages to tell a complex tale of the power of redemption through love via the relationship between the reformed warlord Xena (Lucy Lawless) and her soulmate Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor).

Over the series' six-season run, Xena, Gabrielle, and their various allies travel extensively through Europe, Asia, and Africa, eventually beholding the Twilight of the Gods. With all the deaths, rebirths, alternative universes, and time jumps, there's a lot to keep track of, but don't worry, because we've got you covered. Here's a complete timeline outlining the adventures of the famous warrior princess.

Xena rising

Xena's story is a tale of redemption from her days as a ruthless warlord. But like all good villains, Xena didn't start off that way. And like many of the best villains, Xena's origin story is the tale of a person who was pushed so hard she began to embody the inhuman traits of her victimizers.

A child of the innkeeper Cyrene (Darien Takle), Xena was born in the Greek village of Amphipolis, where she grew up with her brothers Lyceus and Toris. As depicted in the Topps Comics book "Plowshares Into Swords," Xena is raised to believe her father is the mysterious Greek soldier Nelo of Mycenae, who also uses the pseudonym Atrius. When Xena is still a young child, Nelo returns home drunk after hanging out at the Temple of Ares, intent on sacrificing his daughter to the god. Cyrene is forced to kill him.

When the teenage Xena's hometown is raided by the warlord Cortese, she encourages her village to take up arms against the invaders — a decision that leads to the death of Lyceus, who was Xena's dearest friend. In the wake of her brother's death, both Cyrene and Xena herself blame Xena for his demise, and Xena's mother banishes her from Amphipolis, telling her to never return.

Rejected by her family, Xena follows Cortese's example and becomes a warlord herself, at first raiding villages near her home and later sacking coastal villages as a pirate. It's during her sailing days that Xena kidnaps and seduces Julius Caesar (played by a blond Karl Urban), who later repays her by crucifying her and her crewmates. She doesn't die, but she ends up with broken legs.

Xena heads east

While recovering from Caesar's betrayal, Xena travels through Europe. In Hungary, she meets the warlord Borias (Marton Csokas). He's already married with a son, but Borias and Xena quickly become lovers. The affair wreaks havoc on his life, leading to the dissolution of his army and the enslavement of his wife and child. Despite this, Borias is willing to give up everything and begin a new life with Xena, with both warlords hellbent on global conquest.

After raising an army together, their path to world domination leads them to Chin in Asia, where Xena plans to ally their forces with the Ming and Lao dynasties. When their efforts to ally with Ming Tzu fall apart, they set their sights on the Lao family. They meet with Lao Ma (Jacqueline Kim), who benevolently rules in the name of her husband after using her pressure point skills to place the ailing tyrant in a coma. When it begins to look like Lao Ma might be turning Borias away from the dark path he's on, Xena attacks their hostess, who responds by deflecting her efforts telepathically and then calling off their alliance.

Angered by Xena's self-sabotage, Borias turns her out. Banished, stranded in Chin, and low on options, Xena hatches a plan to kidnap Ming Tzu's child, though Ming turns the tables and begins hunting Xena. Despite everything Xena has done, Lao Ma shows her kindness, rescuing Xena and healing her crucifixion injuries. Under Lao Ma's guidance, Xena learns pressure points, telekinesis, and control over her emotions, even making up with Borias. Although she eventually parts ways with Lao Ma over a disagreement about how to handle the Mings, the relationship proves one of the most important in Xena's life for decades to come.

Xena meets Akemi

While traveling through Chin, Borias and Xena learn of a large, mountainous island to the east called Jappa. They make plans to retrieve a kidnapped girl named Akemi from a local warlord named Kao and then return her to her home on Jappa for a sizable reward. The idea is to use this reward to help them conquer the world — starting with Jappa.

After Xena kills Kao, Akemi willingly joins her and begins to learn Xena's ways. Akemi uses these newfound skills to take out her dad, who killed the rest of her family. This leaves Xeno with no way to redeem her reward money. Akemi chooses to die by Seppuku, and after angry villagers cause Xena to scatter Akemi's ashes on her way to the family shrine, the drunk and troubled warrior princess accidentally burns down their community, leading to 40,000 deaths she will later have to atone for (Xena fans are still at odds over her level of culpability in the matter).

After leaving Jappa, Xena and Borias travel to Siberia, where they plan to ally with the Northern Amazons and wipe out the Centaurs so they will face less resistance when conquering Greece. But, along the way, they encounter the expelled Shamaness Alti, who spins a web around the now-pregnant Xena. Despite Borias' warnings that things will not turn out well for them, the power-hungry Xena gets wrapped up in a toxic relationship between Alti and her apprentice Anokin — a relationship that gets Anokin killed.

Under Alti's manipulation and the promise that the Shamaness will make her the Destroyer of Nations, Xena befriends the Amazon queen Cyane only to turn on her, killing her entire tribe. Alti curses their unborn child, and Borias and Xena's relationship begins to fracture under the weight of Xena's continued betrayals.

The Battle of Corinth

Under Alti's direction, Xena, Borias, and their now-separate armies head to Greece in search of Ixion's Stone, an ancient relic said to contain Ixion's potential for wickedness. Ixion created the stone after he made the Centaurs, who are committed to stopping the relic from getting into the wrong hands. After Borias tries and fails to persuade the heavily pregnant Xena to let him raise their son, Solan, a full-scale conflict breaks out between two legions of Centaurs and Xena's army, complicating the search for the stone.

After Xena captures the Centaur commander Kaleipus and orders her second-in-command to begin executions, Borias turns against her, siding with the Centaurs. Things get even more complicated when the warrior princess goes into labor at the worst possible time. While Borias attempts to rescue his lady from his and the Centaurs' armies, Xena's servant Satrina betrays them both by wounding him so badly that he is easily defeated by Xena's man Dagnine, dying moments after his son's birth.

Seeing Borias die convinces Xena to leave her newborn son in the Centaurs' care, thus fulfilling Alti's prophecy. Kaleipus would go on to raise Solan to see his father as a hero due to Borias' role in saving the Centaurs from the then-genocidal Xena. Borias' change of heart from the warlord path would make him the noble man Lao Ma always believed him to be.

Travels through the Norselands

After losing her child and her love because of her insatiable lust for power, a damaged Xena journeys to the Norselands, where the Norse pantheon rules just as the Olympians rule in Greece. On the way there, she encounters Ares for the first time and he gifts her with the Chakram, which would become her signature weapon.

Xena's first Asgardian god encounter is with Odin, who she rescues from himself. Odin returns the favor by making Xena a Valkyrie. This is quite the honor, but Xena hasn't yet changed her ways, and Odin will come to regret his decision. With her lofty goals still at the forefront of her mind, Xena works her way into Odin's special favor to gain knowledge of the powerful Rheingold, causing a rift between Odin and his lover, Xena's fellow Valkyrie Grinhilda. This leads to a feud between the two women.

By pretending to have feelings for Odin, Xena learns the location of the Rheingold and forges it into a ring that grants its bearer superhuman abilities, despite the Runes' warning that the user has to completely forsake love because the gold will destroy what the wearer loves most. In an attempt to stop Xena, Grinhilda obtains the ring from her, and the Rheingold transforms her into a monster. These shenanigans lead to Xena being booted from the Valkyrie. She returns to Greece where she takes up her old ways.

Xena's conversion

After returning to Greece, Xena is at her murderous worst. She destroys Callisto's village Cirra, leaving the young girl an orphan and setting Callisto on her own dark path. As told in the "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" episode "The Warrior Princess," Xena sets her sights on conquering the Arcadian Highlands, but someone stands in her way: Zeus' son, the demigod Hercules. Like the ploy she pulled with Odin, Xena uses her feminine wiles to win the affection of Hercules' sidekick Iolaus of Thebes in order to get what she wants. After her efforts to turn Iolaus against his friend fail, Xena's army mutinies, with her lieutenant Darphus leading a massacre against a village.

Only a single baby survives the slaughter. In what is perhaps the first sign of her turn away from the darkness, Xena overrules her own men to save the child, but they aren't happy about it — they are determined to complete the extermination. Incensed, they force Xena to endure the Gauntlet, which she survives despite their vicious attacks. She later joins Hercules in his fight against her former army, which has gone on to attack another village named Parthus. After saving Parthus, Xena spends some time traveling with Salmoneus, Hercules, and Iolaus as she explores a new path in life, making amends with Iolaus along the way. As they eventually part ways, better for their time together. Xena begins to walk the road to redemption, burying her armor and weapons as part of her commitment to turning over a new leaf.

Gabrielle joins Xena

As Xena is burying her warrior gear near the village of Potidaea, destiny calls her back into the fray. She crosses paths with her warlord ex Draco's crew as they're kidnapping some villagers. Xena steps in and saves the day, impressing the plucky young Gabrielle, who is eager to escape a future as a farmer's wife. A reluctant Xena eventually lets the persistent girl join her, and Gabrielle's empathy and openness begin to help Xena find her humanity after causing so much suffering. Ares tries fruitlessly to seduce Xena back to the world of conquest, but Gabrielle's influence helps her resist the call.

After they briefly team up with Hercules and Iolaus to free Prometheus, Xena and Gabrielle visit the Telaquire Amazons, where Gabrielle becomes close with a young Amazon princess named Terreis. When Gabrielle heroically shields the dying Terreis as they are attacked, Terreis bestows her rite of caste on the girl, making Gabrielle an Amazon princess. A tentative peace is brokered between the Amazons and the Centaurs, and Gabrielle leaves the curly-haired Amazon Ephiny to rule as Amazon queen in her stead.

After this, Xena and Gabrielle get involved in the Trojan War and meet Xena's prissy doppelgänger, Diana. Xena helps Marcus (another warlord ex) find his own redemption just in time to reach the Elysian Fields in the afterlife and then enlists the help of Autolycus in a warlord-thwarting heist. By this point in the timeline, Xena is a genuine do-gooder, and she owes much of that to Gabrielle.

Feud with Callisto

Around this time, Xena first crosses paths with the now-grown Callisto of Cirra, whose trauma from Xena killing her parents has twisted her into a violent and volatile warrior hellbent on destroying Xena and everyone Xena cares about. While facing off with Callisto, Gabrielle and Xena first meet Joxer, who will become one of their fiercest allies.

While helping the Centaurs Xena once fought against, the warrior princess sees her son Solan for the first time since infancy and learns the boy has been raised to regard his father Borias as a hero and his mother as the evil warrior who killed his dad. The truth about their relationship remains a secret, and Xena bonds with Solan before leaving the Centaurs. During this period, Gabrielle gets involved with the biblical David's fight against Goliath.

As Callisto escapes from a Mycenaean prison, Gabrielle reunites with her former betrothed, Perdicas. A torn Gabrielle decides to marry him, tearfully parting ways with Xena to begin a new life. But their happiness is short-lived: Callisto kills Perdicas as the newlyweds are on the way home from their wedding. Callisto meets her own end thanks to some quicksand, which she gets stuck in during a chariot pursuit with Xena. But death doesn't stop her from tormenting Xena, as Callisto eventually gets her hands on some tasty Ambrosia, transforming herself into a goddess.

Shortly after losing Perdicas, they encounter Xena's second lookalike, the streetwise Meg, who would go on to marry Joxer. Following a few side quests that include facing off with the Furies and getting caught in a Cupid-generated time loop, Xena gets involved in a fight between the Gauls and the Romans, pitting her once more against her old adversary Julius Caesar and leading Xena and Gabby to Britannia.

The land of Illusia

As Xena aids Boadicea and the British tribes in their fight against Caesar, the Greek pantheon is busy fretting over a monotheistic cult. Gabrielle gets lured into joining that very cult, which turns out to be the cult of the evil god Dahak. She is tricked into killing someone, giving up her "blood innocence" in the process, and is mystically impregnated with the evil baby Hope, giving birth in a matter of days.

Despite the baby's evil nature, Gabrielle can't bear to part with her daughter. With some help from the Banshees, she sends the baby floating down a river in a basket and then lies to Xena about it, telling her that she killed Hope when the infant tried to strangle her. Xena and Gabrielle then travel to Chin, where Xena faces off with Ming T'ien and comes to terms with her past decisions regarding Lao Ma.

Shortly after returning to Greece, they meet Joxer's brother Jett and Xena's third lookalike, the Hestian virgin priestess Leah. They then reunite with the Centaurs, and Xena is happy to see her son Solan once more, even if he still doesn't know she's his real mother. Meanwhile, Gabrielle's own child Hope has grown at an abnormally fast rate. Callisto teams up with the girl, with Hope killing Solan and his adoptive dad, Kaleipus.

Realizing who Hope is and what she has done, Gabrielle finally kills her. Having both lost their children, Xena and Gabrielle now hate each other, and Xena beats and tortures a despondent Gabrielle, nearly killing her in a scene that still has "Xena" fans divided to this day. From the afterlife, Solan can't bear to see them at odds, so he creates the land of Illusia, forcing them to work out their feelings in song.

Gabrielle's sacrifice and Callisto's death

After spending some time adventuring in Greece, Xena and Gabrielle face off with Caesar's Triumvirate in Rome, with Xena taking center stage in the Colosseum. Gabrielle runs into her old friend Seraphin, who has been brainwashed by the Cult of Dahak. With the help of Seraphin and Callisto (who serves Hope in exchange for the promise of oblivion), Hope returns to the mortal world in a cocoon, now a fully-grown evil clone of Gabrielle. Fed up with Hope's duplicity, Callisto decides to switch sides, offering to help Xena in exchange for oblivion at the end of Hind's Blood Dagger. In the ensuing fight, Gabrielle pulls Hope down with her into a lava pit to save Xena from the Fates, and Callisto prods Xena into stabbing her with Hind's Blood Dagger, giving her the final death that she has longed for.

Without her friend, the grief-stricken Xena returns to Siberia after learning that Gabrielle — as an Amazon princess — is in the Amazon Land of the Dead. With the help of the Northern Amazons, she faces Alti's Berserker and Alti herself, releasing the Amazons that she killed from their curse. In a vision, she sees herself and Gabrielle in the future. Xena returns home to Greece, where she and Joxer find Gabrielle and Hope very much alive. Together, they defeat the Destroyer, Hope's monstrous son with Ares. He kills his own mother as he dies.

India, Eli, and the way of peace

After reuniting, Gabrielle and Xena decide to pursue answers about the vision of their death Xena had in the Amazon Land of the Dead, with Gabrielle also committed to continuing on her own spiritual journey. While traveling through a mountainous path somewhere between Greece and India, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves lost in a mystical yoga retreat created by a telekinetic deceiver named Aiden. After escaping his clutches, they eventually reach India, where they meet a struggling street magician named Eli. When Gabrielle becomes possessed by the demon Tataka, Eli learns that he has healing abilities and heals her from the possession, revealing that he is a Devi. Eli begins to teach the Way of Love, a path he will continue on through the rest of his lifetime.

During their Indian journey, Gabrielle and Xena learn of their souls' past and future reincarnations while facing off with Alti once more. With the help of the benevolent Hindu god Krishna and the immortal Hanuman, they help Eli as he begins to teach the way of the One God of Love, and Gabrielle gives up her fighting staff to follow that path. All the while, signs along their journey continue to reinforce the inevitability of Xena's vision of the pair's future death together.

Xena and Gabrielle's crucifixion

Gabrielle and Xena's troubles with the Romans resurface once more after Roman centurions capture most of the Telaquire Amazons, killing their queen, Ephiny. As Ephiny was ruling in Gabrielle's place, the traveling bard is sent for to take her place as leader of the Amazons. They soon learn that the Amazons have become caught up in Roman in-fighting: Pompey's men enslaved the women to raise money for his fight against Caesar, and Brutus accidentally killed Ephiny while in pursuit of Caesar's adversary. Gabrielle brokers a treaty between the Amazons and Caesar via Brutus, and the two armies join forces against Pompey's forces, with Pompey losing his head to Xena's blade. After using the Amazons to help defeat Pompey, Caesar readily turns on them and destroys the treaty, much to the horror of Brutus.

Gabrielle leaves Chilapa as queen in her place as they head out once more with Amarice at their side. Tasked by the King of Hell with elevating Julius Caesar to Emperor of Rome and spiritually corrupting Xena, Callisto convinces Caesar to put a massive bounty on Xena's head. Xena and Gabrielle part ways for the time being, with Xena heading to Rome in search of Caesar and Gabrielle and Amarice following Eli. Acting on Caesar's orders, Brutus arrests Eli, Amarice, and Gabrielle, despite his misgivings. While trying to save Gabrielle and the others, Xena is paralyzed, forcing Gabrielle to pick up a sword and fight. While Eli, his followers, and Amarice escape, the prophecy is fulfilled: Xena and Gabrielle are crucified just as Brutus and the Roman Senate execute Caesar.

Resurrection and Eve's birth

After Xena and Gabrielle's deaths, a demonic Callisto absconds with Gabrielle into Hell. The archangel Michael and her guardian angel Laura fill Xena in on an epic spiritual war between good and evil taking place both in the mortal and spiritual realms. At her behest, Michael turns Xena into an archangel so she can travel to Hell and save her friend, who has been tortured and transformed into a demon. While there, Xena realizes the suffering that Callisto endured while she was alive and is moved to rescue and absolve Callisto. But, in doing so, Xena gives up her own light, an act that transforms her into a demon herself, and, because she's Xena, she's every bit the warlord she once was on Earth, gathering a new demonic army from the depths of Hell. As Gabrielle becomes an archangel and faces her friend in battle, the purified Callisto — now an angel — speaks to Eli, who uses his Devi power to resurrect his two friends.

After returning, Xena struggles with her memory and abilities until she fuses a Chakram of Light together with her broken Dark Chakram. She soon learns that she is pregnant, and the conception seems to be an immaculate one. With Alti after the baby, Xena, Gabrielle, and Amarice visit the Northern Amazons. They thwart Alti's efforts, and Amarice stays on in the Amazon community while the others head back home. Eli dies at the hands of Ares, and Callisto reveals that she will be reincarnated as Xena's unborn child, who the Fates warn will herald the Twilight of the Gods. After traveling to Tartarus for Hades' Helmet of Invisibility, and while fighting off Zeus' Proxidicae with help from Hercules, Xena gives birth to her daughter, Eve. Just as foretold, the birth accompanies the deaths of Zeus and Hera.

The Mount Etna time jump

With Eve in tow, Xena and Gabrielle run from the wrath of the gods over Zeus' death and the impending Twilight of the Gods. Xena calls on Ares, who is convinced the Twilight is a self-fulfilling prophecy and the gods are bringing about their own demise. But, despite winning another battle against the gods, Xena realizes she is just biding time. Gabrielle, Xena, and Eve travel to the Northern Amazons so Gabrielle can give Eve her rite of caste. While they briefly consider remaining there, seeing as Eve seems to be safe, they decide to head to Alexandria, with Cyane becoming queen of the Amazons in Gabrielle's place. In Egypt, Gabrielle and Xena once again become involved in Roman politics, responding to a posthumous note from Cleopatra and killing both Brutus and Antony.

After Xena realizes that her death will bring about the Twilight of the Gods, she leaves Eve in the care of Octavius Caesar and uses the tears of Celesta, the goddess of death, to fake her and Gabrielle's deaths. Although they originally plan for Octavius to bring Eve to them after a short time, things don't go as planned. A mournful Ares seals them in an icy cavern in Mount Etna, and they remain entombed there for 25 years until an avalanche changes the landscape. When they awaken, they learn that Eve has been raised as Livia by Octavius (now Augustus) with no knowledge of her mother's identity to protect her from the Olympian gods.

Twilight of the Gods

After descending from Mount Etna, Gabrielle and Xena learn that a lot has changed. Joxer and Meg are married tavern owners with three children, including the epic poem writer Virgil. Livia has grown up to be a fierce Roman fighter with her sights set on becoming Empress of Rome. To that end, she has become engaged to Augustus, an arrangement that is broken off when Augustus learns of Livia's affair with Ares. A cruel and violent warrior, Livia hunts down Eli's followers, crucifies entire villages, and ultimately kills Joxer. During a battle between mother and daughter, Livia receives a vision of her mother's sacrifice when Xena prays to Eli and she turns from her dark path mid-battle. After her conversion, Eve renounces violence and follows Eli and the Way of Love, despite the Olympian gods' continued efforts to bring about her demise.

Eve visits Eli's disciple The Baptist, and at her baptism, Xena is gifted with the power to kill gods for as long as Eve lives. Several Olympians attack her, ultimately resulting in the deaths of Hephaestus, Poseidon, and Discord at Xena's hands. The archangel Michael tells Xena that Eve is the Messenger of Eli now that she has been spiritually renewed, and it is her job to prepare the world for the God of Love's arrival. Eve begins her new life by setting out on a journey of atonement, seeking the forgiveness and judgment of those she has wronged. Eve, Xena, and Gabrielle are attacked again by Olympians. This time, Athena, Hades, Artemis, and Deimos are killed, and Ares gives up his immortality to save Gabrielle and Eve.

North Africa and Gurkhan's harem

After defeating most of the Olympians (aside from their friends Aphrodite and Ares), Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve continue traveling together through Greece. Mephistopheles, the King of Hell, opens a Hellmouth in Amphipolis and Xena kills him, which means she has to take his place on the throne of Hell. She doesn't intend on hanging around in Hell, however, so she manipulates the archangel Lucifer into taking the gig instead. The trio then travels to North Africa together with Virgil in pursuit of Gabrielle's kidnapped niece, who was taken by the mustachioed raider Gurkhan.

After infiltrating Gurkhan's harem, getting him beheaded, and rescuing the enslaved women, Xena and Gabrielle get tangled up in a feud between the Romans and a tribe of desert nomads, with Gabrielle accidentally killing an innocent and escalating the conflict even further before joining the fight against the Romans. Around this time, it's implied that Eve temporarily parts ways with her two moms to travel back to Rome, presumably alone. After their desert adventures, Xena, Gabrielle, and Virgil return to Greece, where Gabrielle and Virgil are promptly kidnapped by cannibals, forcing Xena to rescue them.

Ride of the Valkyries

After Xena encounters the Norse traveler Beowulf in a tavern, she is compelled to return to the Norselands and repair some of the damage she did in her Valkyrie days. Xena accompanies Beowulf to the Norselands and Gabrielle follows along, learning about Xena's Nordic past from the Valkyrie Brunhilda along the way. Although Brunhilda was secretly conspiring with Odin to kidnap Gabrielle, the Valkyrie steals a flying horse and uses it to keep Gabrielle safe after developing feelings for her. Gabrielle tells Brunhilda she cannot requite those feelings as she is Xena's soulmate and Brunhilda respectfully accepts this, transforming herself into an Eternal Flame; a protective ring of fire around Gabrielle and the Rheingold Ring.

Xena loses her memory after putting on the ring and becomes separated from the others. As only Gabrielle's true soulmate can pass through the Eternal Flame, Beowulf and others try in vain to rescue her, believing Xena is dead. He seeks one last warrior, Hrothgar, to try the flame and learns that Hrothgar is marrying an amnesiac Xena, who now goes by the name Wealthea. With the help of Beowulf, Xena returns to the fire, awakening Gabrielle with a kiss. Xena helps restore Grinhilda to her Valkyrie form and returns the gold to the Rhein Maidens, while Grinhilda is restored to her place as a Valkyrie.

Caligula and the golden apples of Valhalla

Without his powers, Ares is a target for every warlord and thug that crosses his path, all of whom want a piece of him now that he's as vulnerable as any other mortal. Xena and Gabrielle take him to Xena's childhood home, a rundown farmhouse where he can hide out pretending to be a farmer. The girls work together to get the farm in livable condition before moving on, and, with the help of a friendly dog, Aries reluctantly accepts his new lot in life.

After spending some time training a new Amazon queen, Xena and Gabrielle are enlisted by Michael to stop the newly immortal Caligula, who has captured Eve and is on a quest for global domination. Caligula's new powers come from his abuse of Aphrodite: He steals her Divinity, erasing her memories at the same time. Although Xena loses her god-killing abilities, Caligula is unaware of this, and, convinced Xena will inevitably defeat him, he chooses to end his own life instead.

Soon after Caligula's defeat, Xena fights Odin for the golden apples of Valhalla and uses them to restore the rather despondent Ares and Aphrodite to godhood. Shortly thereafter, Ares gets back to his old tricks, convincing all 12 Amazon tribes to unite to form one mighty army and condemn Eve to death for her past crimes. Xena frees Eve, who decides to travel east and spread Eli's message of love in Chin.

Xena's final sacrifice

After Xena and Gabrielle spend some more time helping out the Centaurs and Amazons, they have to contend with Julius Caesar's escape from the Underworld and his manipulation of the Fates' loom, which creates an alternate reality where Caesar and Xena are co-rulers of Rome. Afterward, with everything restored to the way it should be, Xena and Gabrielle travel to Jappa. Along the way, Xena tells Gabrielle about Akemi and the devastation Xena caused in the city of Higuchi. Xena learns that 40,000 souls died fighting the fire, and Akemi's father Yodoshi enslaved them in the wake of the disaster. According to the ghost hunter Harukata, for the souls to be freed, Xena must destroy Yodoshi and sacrifice herself. And, in order for the souls to be truly freed, she has to stay dead.

After filling Gabrielle in and telling her that she loves her, Xena buries her armor, mirroring the actions she took the day she met Gabrielle. While valiantly fighting three samurai armies at Higuchi, Xena falls on the battlefield at Morimoto's hands. In the afterlife, she reunites with Akemi and goes after Yodoshi, who is drinking from the Fountain of Strength, making his spirit invulnerable to Ghost Killers. Xena uses the Fountain herself in order to defeat Yodoshi and finally redeem herself. After killing Morimoto with the Chakram, Gabrielle begins the ceremony to resurrect Xena, but Xena's spirit appears and convinces her she has to stay dead. The soulmates watch the sunset together, and Xena disappears into the afterlife. With her true love gone, Gabrielle sails on to Egypt, where she's heard they are in need of "a girl with a Chakram."

Later reincarnations and the present day

After their deaths, Xena and Gabrielle experience many reincarnations. One of Xena's reincarnations is the Indian Arminestra, known in her time as the "Mother of Peace" and allied with Gabrielle's reincarnation, the warrior Shakti. In 1940, Joxer's descendant Jack Kleinman crosses paths with Gabrielle and Xena's descendants Melinda Pappas and Janice Covington as they retrieve the Xena Scrolls in Macedonia. Around 1994, Jack Kleinman's grandson and Hollywood developer Ted pitches Rob Tapert the idea for two TV shows: One about zombies, and the other based on the Xena Scrolls.

In 1999, a woman named Annie Day (played by Lucy Lawless) believes she is Xena reincarnated after dreaming about Xena's adventures. Her dentist boyfriend Harry O'Casey accompanies her to a psychology clinic specializing in past life therapy. After Annie undergoes hypnosis, they come to realize that Annie is actually Joxer, Mattie (who runs the clinic) is Gabrielle, and Harry is Xena. Mattie and Harry strike up a relationship, with Annie stepping aside to let them be together. They get married and honeymoon where it all started — in Greece.

In 2001, Annie contacts her old friends after a mythology research organization called the Centre for Historical Accuracy of Key Research in Ancient Mythology (CHAKRAM) discovers a contract between Xena and Ares hidden in the Xena Scrolls. During the ensuing showdown with Ares, Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer are each restored to their respective original bodies with their original memories. That same year, a group of Xena superfans clone Xena and Gabrielle, who battle Alti before escaping into the city. This leaves the possibility of the clones crossing paths with the original Xena and Gabrielle open.