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The Second Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Is Reminding Fans Of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Since the first teaser trailer dropped earlier in October 2022, fans have been closely keeping watch on Illumination's upcoming "Super Mario Bros. Movie." It's technically not the iconic plumber's only effort at leaping toward the big screen as the divisive 1993 live-action adaptation reached that flagpole first. However, the teaser promised that the new "Super Mario Bros." movie aims to be much more in line with Mario's video game adventures. And it appears that the new second trailer for the film further suggests that Illumination is looking to produce one of the most faithful adaptations for the acrobatic plumber.

The second trailer is filled with many Easter eggs and references that should impress even the most hardcore "Super Mario Bros." fans. Some details you might have missed from the newer clip include a throwback to a classic Mario feud with Donkey Kong and some classic "Mario Kart" racing on Rainbow Road. Yet, for some fans, the latest trailer goes beyond the games and reminds them of another unique adaptation. In the late '80s, besides on the NES, Mario and Luigi lit up TV screens on the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" It was a TV series with live-action bits featuring pro wrestling legend "Captain" Lou Albano as Mario, actor Danny Wells as Luigi, and cartoon segments that fit closer to the game. It left quite an impression on many fans. And for some, the new trailer reminds them of the memorable TV show.

Some fans believe the movie is trying to reference the late '80s series

From that slight "Super Smash Bros." feel to Mario and Donkey Kong's battle to Peach's mention of galaxies, it's hard not to feel like the second trailer is throwing in everything related to the entire "Super Mario" franchise. And now, even some fans are declaring Illumination's "Super Mario Bros." movie as the film version of the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" What has them bringing up the classic series? Well, for one, the trailer shows off an old format often seen in" Super Show!" Rather than playing princess in distress, it appears Peach is more of an adventurer, just like her counterpart in the cartoons of "Super Show!"

YouTube commenter Biscuit Collywell posted, "The way Peach is actually with them reminds me a lot of the 'Super Mario Bros. Super Show,' and I absolutely love that! Y'all did incredible on this!'" On Twitter, @BabowsaMarina also noticed this, writing, "I only just now watched the new #MarioMovie trailer, but I'm glad Peach is adventuring with him. It's just like da 'Super Mario Bros Super Show.'" Seeing Toad and Peach gearing up for action brings memories of the gang stomping on Koopas together in the older series. 

In addition, for some fans, possible leaked images related to the film have only fueled that "Super Show!" nostalgia flame (via Kotaku). One of the supposed images includes lyrics lifted directly from the "Super Show!" rap theme song. As @IsaanBeyond noted, the movie seems ready to blast once again "The Plumber Rap." They wrote, "... At this point, I'd be shocked if that it DID have the cliché animated movie ending dance scene that the song WASN'T the 'Plumbers' Rap.'"