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Fans Can't Get Enough Of Warrior Princess Peach In The Second Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

About a month ago, when the first "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" teaser trailer came out, fans had some very strong opinions about what they saw and heard. Nobody at the time really loved Chris Pratt's casting as Mario (per Deadline). Still, Khary Payton (of "The Walking Dead" fame) and Jack Black gave commanding performances as the Penguin King and Bowser, respectively. Fans even received a sneak peek at the Mushroom Kingdom as Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) meets Mario and takes him to meet Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy). Now that the second "Super Mario Bros. Movie" trailer is here, audiences are getting a deeper look into the fantastic world that Universal Pictures has created from the video game franchise.

Not only does this new trailer give fans a better look at Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) and Luigi (Charlie Day), we get to take a much deeper look into the kingdom itself. From the fighting arena to the Rainbow Road and beyond, it looks as though this movie will explore many of the galaxies canon in the Mario universe. It's also surprising Mario fans by turning the old "rescue the princess" trope on its head.

Fans are excited to see a princess who doesn't need rescuing

During the mid-'80s, the early iterations of Mario's princess were pretty straightforward. She's a princess, and she needs rescuing. And with the help of budding gamers sitting behind a Nintendo Entertainment System, their one job was to do just that. But times have changed, and the old damsel in distress story is a bit tired. This teaser shows that Universal is going in a different direction by introducing Peach as a strong leader and formidable warrior, determined to protect her adorable people from the impending threat of Bowser.

And fans are loving it. Twitter user @whiterosejolyne has officially declared that "BAMF princess Peach is my new favourite concept," right alongside @TinglyJungle, who thinks that "Peach she looks SO COOL, I was 100% expecting a kidnapped princess trope thing." In that same philosophical vein, @DynamoSuperX is also on board with Universal's narrative choice of making "Princess Peach a bada** who defends her people instead of a helpless woman in the Mario Movie...WE LOVE TO SEE IT." Seeing as how their tweet has thousands of likes, we're pretty sure that a lot of Mario fans out there are eager to see it, too.