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Why Karamo Brown Thinks Queer Eye's Tan Holds The Fab Five Together

It's probably not surprising that the Fab Five, who comprise the life-changing makeover artists of the "Queer Eye" reboot, has developed a pretty close bond over time. When one has to spend a lot of time with their co-stars traveling between places and spending hours with strangers, it's easy to find camaraderie with colleagues. It's easy to find oneself going out for a night on the town with them or leaning on them during hard times. So it seems as if the friendship fans of the Netflix series get to witness between fashion guru Tan France, food expert Antoni Porowski, interior designer Bobby Berk, culture maven Karamo Brown, and stylist Jonathan Van Ness is 100% genuine.

Former "Real World" and "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" cast member Karamo Brown concentrates on helping the show's clients improve their grasp on all matters related to pop culture, and sometimes, he simply assists in refining the client of the week's deportment. During a recent podcast appearance, he discussed who he's closest to among his fellow "Queer Eye" cast members and why Tan France is the one who keeps all five of them bound together and in touch.

Tan France is the group peacemaker according to Karamo Brown

During a November appearance on the "Not Skinny but Not Fat" Podcast, Karamo Brown was asked by host Amanda Hirsch which member of the Fab Five he's closest to. Brown immediately said Tan France and Bobby Berk. "Bobby, because we're the oldest and we're both from Texas, and so we just have that nature. Tan, because he's the glue of the Fab Five."  Brown then explained that France works as the team peacemaker and often manages to get every member of the team to agree.

Brown went on to explain the differences between the personalities of his friends. After admitting to his own stubbornness, he added, "You have Johnathan on the side who's also stubborn, you have Antoni who's ... very, very mild-mannered." He then explained that while Antoni isn't passive, he's also not a big fan of conflict while adding that Berk also has a stubborn streak. "Tan is the glue. But I like that because it kind of balances with me,"  Brown concluded.

He added that he's close to all of the different members of the Fab Five in different ways and for different reasons. "So it's weird because I'm close with all of them, but Bobby, I would say, is the closest; we're neighbors. Our houses are two minutes away. Like, I can see his backyard from my backyard." It seems as if friendship will remain a guiding principle in Season 6 of "Queer Eye," which is available to stream on Netflix if you're looking for something else to watch after you finish "Love Island."