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A 3rd Rock From The Sun Revival Might Be Next After That '90s Show

Bonnie and Terry Turner know full well how much goes into reviving a beloved old sitcom. According to an exclusive interview in Variety, the creators of "That '70s Show" were very much against the idea of bringing back their famed nostalgic creation. Only after persistent pestering and a substantial amount of lockdown pondering did they finally agree to a story for "That '90s Show," the long-awaited return to Point Place

Of course, sitcom resurrections are all the rage these days, as seen with "Fuller House" and "The Conners," to name a few. All of this is enough to reasonably pose the question of whether some of the Turners' other hit properties might be ripe for a relaunch. And with that line of questioning, the most immediate offering would appear to be "3rd Rock from the Sun." After all, the series ran for six seasons on NBC and has maintained a cult following. 

That said, its final episode ended on, admittedly, a very dark note. So, there's that. Even so, it's not out of the question that fans would want to see the story of these four wacky aliens trying their best to integrate into the human world. In fact, Variety reporter Michael Schneider asked the Turners directly about it.

The Turners are open to a 3rd Rock revival

It turns out that a "3rd Rock from the Sun" revival is very much a living concept. That doesn't mean there's any movement on it right now, to be clear — but it's up for discussion. 

"Actually, we were in London at the same time that John Lithgow was there doing 'The Crown,'" said Terry Turner. "We were sitting with John, and I thought, there's no reason why the aliens can't come back to London."

Although Lithgow was spending a lot of time in London while filming his Emmy-winning turn as Winston Churchill during the first two seasons of "The Crown," he mostly resides in Los Angeles (via The Hollywood Reporter). No word on whether Lithgow himself is into the idea of bringing back his lovably clueless Dick Solomon, but it sounds like it was at least brought up with him. Likewise, there's no indication that the subject has been broached with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jane Curtin, or the rest of the original cast.

For her part, Bonnie Turner thinks any potential return for "3rd Rock from the Sun" would be mostly dependent on whether the story works or not. Concerns for the story are precisely what led the Turners to initially turn down the idea for what became "That '90s Show." Still, she has hope. "['That '90s Show'] turned out well," she said. "If the story is there, then it's there. But you've got to be really careful about this stuff."