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Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers Will Cover The Christmas Showdown Arc

It won't be long until Takemichi Hanagaki and the whole "Tokyo Revengers" gang comes back for a second season of the anime. Fans could not be more excited to see the return of the 2021 anime show, especially after Season 1 left off on such a shocking cliffhanger, with Takemichi (Yūki Shin) staring at the barrel of the gun Tetta Kisaki (Morikubo Shōtarō) aimed at him. In the very end, the screen goes black, and a gunshot can be heard, leaving the protagonist's survival shrouded in uncertainty.

Of course, most fans — even those who did not immediately read the manga after this cliffhanger — know that Takemichi could not have met his end here. After all, the manga has many more chapters after where Season 1 left off. In addition, the promotional video that was released for the upcoming season opens with some lines spoken by Takemichi, seeming as if he's just received a call from Toman's leader, Manjiro Sano (Yū Hayashi). "Mikey-kun what's the matter? Shibuya? Now," he asks. "I will hurry there!"

What will Season 2 cover?

It is known that "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 will adapt the arc known as the Christmas Showdown arc, also known as the Black Dragons arc, which happens between Chapter 78 to Chapter 121 of the manga. Like in previous arcs, the Christmas Showdown will see Toman Manji Gang face off with another gang. This time instead of going up against Moebius or Valhalla, Toman will come face to face with the 10th generation Black Dragons, a gang originally founded by Mikey's late big brother, Shinichiro.

It is not known at what point Season 2 will end, nor is it known if it will cover the full Christmas Showdown arc. However, fans have been speculating online about how much the second season will cover and how many episodes it will be. On Reddit, some fans suggest that if Season 2 only adapts the Christmas Showdown arc, it will likely be 12 episodes as the manga chapters could not be stretched into a full 24 or 25-episode long season. However, there is some speculation on Reddit that the arc that follows the Christmas Showdown — known as the Tenjiku arc — may possibly be included in Season 2, which would then make it about a 24-episode season, with 12 episodes dedicated to the Christmas Showdown and another 12 episodes covering Tenjiku.

There is no definite consensus on how much of the manga the second season will cover; however, it is clear that fans are anxiously awaiting the adaptation of the next arc and are eager to see the new characters that will be introduced on screen.

"Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 will premiere in January 2023 (via AnimeGeek).