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Spy X Family's Voice Actors Kept Pausing Recording Sessions Because They Were Laughing Too Much

Sometimes — and ideally — the voice actors giving life to animated characters have an absolute blast recording their lines. When that happens, the audience can often tell that's the case as the actors' enjoyment is infectious, especially so when it comes to the comedy genre.

"Spy x Family" has to be considered one of the best anime shows of 2022, managing to attract a wide audience to tune in to every episode's weekly release. The characters, their distinctive personalities, and their interactions have without a doubt contributed to the series' undeniable appeal. However, a character can only reach their full potential when they are voiced by an actor that is fully committed to the role. In "Spy x Family," the actors embody their characters to near perfection, and their great performances are most likely also due to the delight they experience while recording their lines — a delight fans are able to detect as the story unfolds before their eyes.

Humor and laughter during recording sessions

It should come as no surprise that the "Spy x Family" recording sessions are hilarious to all of those involved. The anime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's manga series is full of hilarious moments. After all, that's what one gets when assembling an assassin, a spy, a mind-reading child, and a psychic dog in one single household, thus creating an iconic (fake) family. 

In an interview with Anime News Network, Wit Studio's animation producers Kazuki Yamanaka and Kazue Hayashi spoke a little about the recording sessions. When asked about their favorite comedic moments in the series, Yamanaka mentioned the scenes between Anya (Atsumi Tanezaki) and her best friend Becky (Emiri Kato), especially the scene in Episode 6 where Anya punches Damian (Natsumi Fujiwara) across the room. The dynamic between Anya and Damian has captivated many fans, so it's no surprise this scene is a favorite of Yamanaka's.

Hayashi, who was unable to select a favorite scene, said, "The recording sessions were hilarious. We had to stop a few times since we were all laughing. In auditions, many of the cast asked how much we wanted them to play up those lines, and we let them try their own take on it. We had a number of times where someone would do a really funny line delivery in rehearsal, and we'd just ask them to reprise it in recording."

This creative liberty given to the actors definitely contributes to some of the most entertaining moments in the series. It also serves as evidence that when one enjoys the job they're doing, the work itself is nothing short of delightful for everyone involved.