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Aubrey Plaza Played Some Witchy Pranks On Her White Lotus Co-Stars

Contains spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 5 — "That's Amore."

When working on the set of "White Lotus," there needs to be something to break the tension. While there is humor to the absurdity of the guest's antics on Mike White's HBO series, the territory also comes with shocking and downright uncomfortable interactions. "The White Lotus" Season 2, Episode 5 pushes the envelope further than ever before when Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) walks in on a potentially incestuous encounter while vacationing in Italy.

"The White Lotus" actors lived these characters for five months while filming on location, so if there were anyone who would throw these tense storylines further into chaos, that would be Aubrey Plaza. The "Parks and Recreation" actor skipped the audition process for her repressed character Harper Spiller, and now some actors may be regretting that decision. In a surprise to absolutely no one, Plaza's time on set included a reign of terror that included an excessive amount of gaslighting.

Adam DiMarco was Aubrey Plaza's unfortunate victim

Take Aubrey Plaza and a sequestered set and you get a recipe for disaster. Mike White boasts of being a friend of the actor and revealed that he knew what he was in for when he cast her.

"Aubrey's the most fun," White disclosed to GQ. "I said to her face, if I'm on a cross-country trip, I want nothing more than for you to be on that bus with me. But if I'm driving the bus, and you are on it, I want you off the bus." But it wasn't White who received the brunt of Plaza's attention. That honor went to Adam DiMarco who plays Gen Z closet misogynist Albie. It all started with a mysterious configuration on the floor of the actor's dressing room that eerily resembled a Blair Witch warning. Anyone present could have told you who it was from. The hotel staff easily spotted Plaza as the culprit in the security cameras. But ever the talented performer, the actor insisted it wasn't her, going as far as to vandalize her room to sell the prank.

"Adam was so innocent, like a baby bird. It was really sick, what I was doing to him. I got him to the brink of a psychological break," Plaza confessed. Boredom can drive anyone to the edge of sanity, and she claimed that was the reason for her antics. But whatever the reason, Plaza never disappoints in delivering her brand.