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Jon Hamm Celebrated The Success Of Top Gun: Maverick By Taking A Shot At Comic Book Films

It's been over seven years since "Mad Men" aired its series finale and since then, Jon Hamm fans have been needing to put in a bit of effort to find the actor on a screen. That's not because the guy isn't working. In fact, since then Hamm has been popping up on countless shows and films of all genres. However, the majority of those credits come from guest-starring roles or voice-over gigs. It was this past summer's blockbuster, "Top Gun: Maverick," that pushed him back into the smash-hit spotlight.

For Hamm, playing the role of Adm. Beau 'Cyclone' Simpson is a childhood dream come true. Like plenty of nostalgic fans, Hamm was once a kid wishing he could be Maverick's (Tom Cruise) wingman. He told Today, "If my eighth-grade self could talk to my now self, both of us would not be computing that this is happening." Not only has Hamm gotten to enjoy a fantasy turn into reality, but he did it on his own terms — without donning a superhero cape or pair of tights.

At this point, fans and critics can call "Top Gun: Maverick," the 2022 summer blockbuster winner. But, besides top box office numbers, reviews have been glowing, and Halloween costumes have been selling (which is always an excellent summer movie success gauge). However, there is one interesting detail about the film's popularity that Hamm points out, which is not only true, but impressive: most recent blockbusters have been about superheroes.

Top Gun: Maverick has something summer hits from the past 2 decades don't

Jon Hamm got to live out a childhood dream, being part of the "Top Gun" universe in the 2022 summer mega-hit sequel. In fact, as he tells Today, it didn't matter what part he was offered. "It was a no brainer for me." he recalls, "Yes. Are you kidding me? I don't care what the part is...are you kidding me? This is amazing!" After that, Hamm got to contribute his acting skills to the film that, as he points out, rose above the odds. That's because, he explains, there was no character involved who wore a cape. 

While discussing "Top Gun: Maverick's" success to ET, Hamm points out a couple eyebrow-raising facts. Besides the film being the only movie to "be number one on Memorial Day and number one on Labor Day," Hamm also points out, "It's one of the only top five [films] that doesn't have somebody in a cape or on a spaceship. It's a story about real people, it's got a lot of emotional resonance, people are really responding to it."It's a story about real people, it's got a lot of emotional resonance, people are really responding to it."

Hamm really does have a point. When looking back at the past twenty summers, "Top Gun: Maverick" is the only film that doesn't involve a superhero or take place in a fantasy world. Not too shabby for a sequel that took over thirty years to happen. Well, whether summer movies continue to feature real people in real-life situations, or fly back into the superhero world, Hamm (as well as fans) will always have this experience to look back on and enjoy.