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Zoe Saldana Still Uses Her Intense Avatar: The Way Of Water Training In Her Home Life

We're a matter of weeks away from heading back to Pandora and seeing if James Cameron really is going to keep his title of blockbuster-making extraordinaire with "Avatar: The Way of Water." Details are still relatively limited on just what we can expect (though we do have some ideas) but what is certain is that Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has settled down in his alternative alien life and made a family with Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña). How long that happy household remains intact is a question that we expect won't take long to answer, thanks to the return (somehow) of Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang), who has managed to get hold of his own Avatar to wage war on the native Na'vi yet again.

Besides the stunning CGI and hair-raising action set-pieces Cameron has in store, the advanced addition this time will be in the underwater sequences that are taking place, which will once again see the Oscar-winning director pushing the limits of motion capture. Achieving these moments required the cast to train with deep-sea divers to gain the breathing techniques for when they went under. Now it's been years since the "Avatar" crew took a dip for "The Way of Water," yet Saldaña recently revealed that the abilities she obtained as an alien warrior have still been used for more recent family matters as a result.

Zoe Saldaña taught her sons how to swim like Na'vi thanks to Way of Water

After appearing on Good Morning America (via YouTube) while promoting the film, Saldaña revealed her time off-world (that she previously described as a highlight of her life) left her with some lessons to pass on to her children. Somehow her time as Neytiri stuck even four years since 2017 when she rehearsed for the second film. "I've been able to retain some of that information and practice those tools and teach my sons while they're learning to sort of be fluid in the water," she said.

Of course, she wouldn't have these lessons to pass on without the director, who was determined that his cast would all be able to take the plunge so perfectly, no matter how tough it may seem. "Jim will present the challenge, but it's not like he doesn't present the resources as well," Salanda explained. "He surrounds you with world-renowned people, and within five months of you taking this training, you get to discover a side of you that you would never, ever see about yourself." You can see what depths she and the rest of the cast went to when "Avatar: The Way of Water" arrives in theatres on December 16.