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Mark Hamill's Son Confirms His Dad Isn't In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special

Mark Hamill may be best known for his iconic role as Luke Skywalker in the wildly successful "Star Wars" franchise, but he's been known to pop up in other places, especially in voice acting work. His most iconic voice-over work came when he started voicing Batman villain, the Joker, in "Batman: The Animated Series," a role that he's continued to play on many other occasions. In a 2021 tweet, Hamill explained why he wanted to play the Joker. "I wanted a part that was the polar opposite of Luke in every way. Something unexpected that would surprise people & show range & versatility."

Fans have been really excited by the possibility of Hamill appearing in a "Guardians of the Galaxy" project following a Twitter conversation from 2018. In response to a tweet from @IanFee asking for Hamill to have a role in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," Hamill and James Gunn started discussing it in a Twitter conversation in which Gunn's tweets, unfortunately, seem to have since been deleted. "I think @HamillHimself lives around the corner from me in Malibu so he can just come over and we can talk about it over a cup of coffee," Gunn tweeted (via ComicBook.com). Hamill replied, "I would be happy to do so, both as a good neighbor & an unemployed actor." The two arranged to discuss it further over DMs.

That 2018 conversation is a big part of why fans thought they recognized Hamill in the recent "Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special."

No, that wasn't Mark Hamill

In "The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special," several eagle-eyed viewers thought they spotted Mark Hamill in a non-speaking cameo drinking some liquor out of a bottle. Tweets from @milkias_samuel and @DSweevil purported to have figured it out on Twitter. Unfortunately, Mark Hamill's son Nathan spoiled everyone's fun with reality by tweeting that it wasn't his father. Then Twitter user @Cynnthetic set the record straight about who it really was. "This is my friend Troy Beecham. Source: I was there. lol This scene was actually shot on his birthday." That user then provided a direct link to Beecham's Instagram account, where Beecham had posted a picture of himself with the caption "Hamill??"

One place where fans may have seen–or rather, heard–Hamill recently but might not have recognized him was his role as Mervyn Pumpkinhead in the Netflix series "The Sandman." In an interview with GamesRadar, Neil Gaiman explained that he was surprised when Hamill agreed to the bit part. "We got [Mark Hamill] in the same way that we got an awful lot of people, which is that there are Sandman fans out there," Gaiman explained. "... Mark Hamill loved the comics. I remember talking with [Allan] about what Merv's voice should sound like, I don't remember which one of us suggested Mark Hamill, but we never really thought we'd get him." Mervyn was such a small role, and fans can be forgiven for not recognizing Hamill. Then again, Hamill does love to make small, surprise cameos.