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Fans Are Blown Away By The New Cocaine Bear Poster

For those who say that every story has been done before is about to get their world rocked. No, "Cocaine Bear" isn't a fantastical metaphor. Should you tune in to this upcoming film, be prepared for a story that is very literal. Inspired by true events that transpired in 1985, "Cocaine Bear" tells the wild tale of drug smuggling gone awry. Backpacker reported the incident started when drug smuggler Andrew Carter Thornton II died while attempting to jump to safety with a mass quantity of cocaine in his possession. As it turns out, cocaine cost not just one life but two. Deep within the Chattahoochee National Forest, one unsuspecting bear got more than he bargained for after chowing down on the cocaine snack. The large black bear did not survive the encounter and died from ingesting over 70 pounds of drugs.

Cocaine Bear's truth finally gets a chance to be told when it premieres in theaters in February of 2023. Deadline has stated that the project will be helmed by Elizabeth Banks, director of "Charlie's Angels" and "Pitch Perfect 2." And those who are curious exactly what this film will entail are about to get their chance. A poster for "Cocaine Bear" has been released, and it is everything we hoped it would be.

Don't coke the bear

The tagline says it all. Posted on the "Cocaine Bear" official Twitter page, the poster shows a bear drenched in white power with the tagline "Get in line." Whatever this film turns out to be, it is safe to say the marketing department has a sense of humor about it. Fans on Reddit rallied around the film, as well as actor Ray Liotta. This was the "Goodfellas" actor's final movie before his devastating death.

"Last film of a great actor. RIP Ray Liotta," celebrated u/Ill_Heat_1237. U/DWKM replied: "[W]hat an incredible movie to go out on." Clearly, not the first film that Liotta starred in with cocaine being a central plot point, this is sure to cement the actor's legacy of unique roles. Other fans marveled at the film's tongue-in-cheek puns. U/roto_disc loved the tagline, while u/Warden72 added: "The tweet is so much better: 'Don't coke the bear." While other film critics on Reddit may not be taking the film seriously, it should be noted that Liotta is not the only impressive actor to lend his talent to the film. Kerri Russel of critically acclaimed "The Americans" fame also has a starring role, along with Margo Martindale, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Alden Ehrenreich (via IMDb). With no trailer released yet, there aren't many details to wring out. Fans will have to wait until February to see what we can all hope will be a high-octane thrill ride.