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What Hodor Actor Kristian Nairn Thinks Happened To His Game Of Thrones Character

"Game of Thrones" was an absolute powerhouse series for HBO. Though epic fantasy had yet to be proven as a commodity when the series premiered on the network, the show based on the works of author George R.R. Martin would eventually grow to be the most popular series the network has ever had (via Time).

Over the course of its eight seasons, "Game of Thrones" came to be known as much for its shocking character deaths as anything else. The more the years passed, and the more main characters met their untimely demises, the more it began to seem like anyone could go at even the most arbitrary and innocuous of times. 

Still, nothing prepared viewers for the mind-blowing way that Hodor (Kristian Nairn) died in the middle of Season 6. All the same, some viewers were as bewildered by Hodor's demise as they were surprised. With that fact in mind, fans might find themselves wondering what Nairn himself thinks of his character's fate.

Nairn has his own way of explaining Hodor's trauma

Kristian Nairn spoke up about his "Game of Thrones" fame, his life outside of the show, and how playing gentle giant Hodor affected him when he sat down with HuffPost. Though Nairn does have his own point of view on what happened to Hodor in the flashback and how it links up with the mythology of the show, he also said that the interpretive element was something he enjoys. "I think the whole ambiguity of it is part of the fun," he admitted.

The performer went on to clarify his thoughts. "I just think that when [Bran] was warged into the past, he obviously could see Hodor as a child," Nairn went on. "And when Meera Reed was meaning him to warg into Hodor, he kind of warged into both [Hodor and young Hodor], and he connected them both over this huge time f***ing vortex and probably fried Hodor's brain," the actor concluded.

Though this is a bit tough to understand, hence the fan confusion, Nairn's explanation basically lines up with what viewers saw on the screen in Season 6, Episode 5 ("The Door"). In essence, what happened with Hodor, the Three-Eyed Raven, and the Night King was Bran's final warning about trifling with the massive power he had inherited. It seems it was impactful, too, as Bran never misused his powers again for the remainder of "Game of Thrones."