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How A Tracy Morgan Poster Landed The Blue Bloods Cast And Crew In Hot Water

Fans love hearing about pranks on the sets of their favorite movie and television shows, especially the complicated lengths some actors will go to pull off the best prank. Jonah Hill once called Brad Pitt the Bobby Fischer of pranks after he turned Hill's golf cart on the set of "Moneyball" into a Wham! Mobile, even succeeding in having the car launch into "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" anytime Hill turned it on. "You try and prank him and he's immediately three moves ahead of you. He's playing a chess game with you," he said at the 2012 Oscars Luncheon.

The funniest moment in "Blue Bloods" Season 7 involved a prank that began with a jelly donut that Jamie (Vanessa Ray) and Eddie (Will Estes) replaced with shaving cream. Thinking that she really wanted the donut, Officer Tim Welch (Brad Fleischer) took it, only to realize too late the disgusting switch. This began an all-out war between Welch, Jamie, and Eddie that wasn't squelched until one of their superiors found out and forced them to switch partners as punishment.

With all the pranks we've seen on screen in "Blue Bloods," fans have been curious about the ones we don't see. In a live chat, Donnie Wahlberg admitted that when the cast pranked him with a Tracy Morgan poster on his character's desk, it got them all in trouble.

The poster had to be CGI'd out of the show

Whether it involves Eddie pranking the Reagan family at dinner, Jamie and Eddie pranking their fellow officers, or Jamie getting pranked by the cops who work for him, "Blue Bloods" has shown that pranks are just a part of the Reagan's lives. Behind the scenes, it's a different story. In a live Connect Chat interview, Donnie Wahlberg says most of the pranks pulled on him "involve the Yankees or the Giants beating my teams. They put posters and stuff up." But one pranking incident didn't go over with the show's producers. "They did put an 8X10 of Tracy Morgan on Danny's desk one time, which made it into an episode and we all got in trouble for it because they had to CGI Tracy Morgan's face out of the episode," Wahlberg says.

While everyone cooled on pranking Wahlberg after the incident, he still freely pranks anyone he feels like, but he doesn't go overboard. "The pranks are pretty basic pranks,” he says. "Sometimes I'll tap people on the shoulder and they'll look this way, and I'll walk this [the opposite] way, stuff like that. Very basic pranks seem to work the best."