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Fans Think Snow White's Evil Queen Is Hiding In Plain Sight In The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the most fun things about yearly repeat viewings of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is looking around and seeing all the different creepy characters that inhabit the worlds of Halloween Town and Christmas Town. With such rich and colorful designs in both the character work and the production design, the film provides a feast for the eyes to scan every detail within each frame.

Animating all the eye candy in the film was no easy task, as characters such as Oogie Boogie were hard to design and bring to life. There is so much to see that not everything could even make it into the film's final cut. Director Henry Selick had to replace a scene featuring producer Tim Burton's severed head, a removal which he regrets.

Given such a plentiful landscape to play in, the animators and filmmakers were able to sneak some Easter eggs into the film. Over the years since its release in 1993, fans have been dissecting every frame to see what secrets they can find. One find, potentially referencing a character from Disney's past, may have been hiding in plain sight all along.

Snow White's Evil Queen attends a town meeting in Halloween Town

An eagle-eyed Reddit user, dstrut, caught the Evil Queen from "Snow White" hiding in plain sight in "The Nightmare Before Christmas." In the town meeting scene where Jack Skellington details his findings in Christmas Town, a character that looks an awful lot like the Evil Queen from Disney's version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" can be seen sitting in the back row, seated next to The Reaper. In this supposed appearance, the Queen is garbed in a black cloak and visibly holding a red apple — similar to the form the Queen takes before she poisons Snow White with a nearly identical apple.

The post from 2020 is one of the only mentions of the character being in the film, and there's not much else known (or discussed) about whether this is a cheeky Easter egg snuck into the background of the movie or a simple case of coincidence. That said, it's hard to imagine a robed, witchy-looking character holding an apple and not think about the iconic villain from "Snow White." 

No matter the case, the apple-bearing Witch feels right at home in a town full of all things spooky and creepy.