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Jason Momoa's Slumberland Costume Has Deeper Personal Meaning

"Aquaman" gave the world plenty of proof Jason Momoa is willing to ditch his clothes in front of the camera. Netflix's "Slumberland" keeps the actor a little more buttoned up, though. Momoa portrays Flip, a horned creature in the world of Slumberland who partners up with the young Nemo (Marlow Barkley) when she discovers this new world and seeks to reunite with her late father, Peter (Kyle Chandler). 

The film is inspired by the Winsor McCay comic strip "Little Nemo in Slumberland," which ran from 1905 to 1927, per The Hollywood Reporter. Momoa is fairly decked out in the picture, sporting chains, a coat with leopard print, and leather pants that would make Lenny Kravitz jealous. Making the movie is something the actor has celebrated personally, too, revealing he added a new member to his family in the form of a pig he met while shooting the film, via People. The Netflix fantasy also re-teams Momoa with Francis Lawrence, who directed three episodes of Momoa's Apple TV+ series "See." Lawrence is also behind beloved fantasy movies like "Constantine" and three of the four "Hunger Games" flicks. 

Momoa revealed while promoting "Slumberland" that the collaboration between the two led to the actor infusing some personal meaning into the fantastical costume he dons for their new picture.

Jason Momoa's Slumberland costume was partly inspired by Metallica and Rage Against the Machine

Jason Momoa not only re-teamed with Francis Lawrence for "Slumberland," but he likewise worked again with costume designer Trish Summerville, who also worked on Apple TV+'s "See." Momoa explained that his two collaborators projected much of his personality into the character of Flip. Momoa's costume even includes nods to his favorite bands, as well as skate gloves the actor himself wore as a kid. 

"It's all the things that I love. I mean, everything down to the purples and the velvets and all this. She's asking for little buttons, which are my favorite bands. You got Rage Against The Machine on there. You got Metallica. Then the gloves that I wear are my skate gloves that I wore when I was a little kid that I loved. They're like my favorite gloves," the actor told Screen Rant. In the same interview, Momoa said some of Flip's character traits came from just walking and talking with his false teeth and full costume and makeup on. 

However, Momoa was a little more stripped down than Flip for the Los Angeles premiere of "Slumberland," donning purple pajamas, leopard print slippers, and carrying a stuffed pig on the red carpet, as reported by the Daily Mail