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Andor's Finale Gives A Glimpse At A Romance That Has Fans Uncomfortably Intrigued

Absolutely no long-time viewer of the Disney+ "Star Wars" spinoff series "Andor" was likely surprised by most of the loose end tying up that takes place in the finale episode, "Rix Road." The road in question is the route for the funeral procession planned for Maarva Andor (Fiona Shaw), whose death surprised no one since her declining health was noted in several episodes. Likewise, the decision by Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) to return to Ferrix to pay his last respects to his beloved adoptive mom Maarva is utterly predictable, albeit extremely dangerous.

Also, less than astonishing is the fact that things get a bit tense as the Daughters of Ferrix and hundreds of other Maarva mourners trudge down to Rix Road and run up against the heavily armed Empire forces arrayed there. Equally not-shocking: Cassian's heroic dash to free ex-girlfriend Bix (Adria Arjona) from her nearby Imperial prison cell. All of the above simply serves to efficiently close the loops on various plots and subplots in "Andor" Season 1. But the dynamic of a potential romantic pairing merely hinted at in earlier episodes seems to be heating up in the finale — and fans are doing a fascinated double take.

Andor aficiandos are having an approach-avoidance conflict over Syril and Dedra

In the "Andor" Season 1 finale, ruthless Imperial ISB supervisor Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) and mousey former security guard Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) are both on Cassian's trail on Ferrix. When the crowd attending Maarva's funeral erupts into an all-out riot, Dedra and Syril barely escape with their lives. Hiding out in a tight space, they share a breathless and intensely awkward face-to-face moment leading to what looks suspiciously like affectionate glances. Fans on Twitter were captivated and a bit queasy.

Reacting to the moment, Twitter fan @MarlonDjarin could only manage a terse: "So...Syril and Dedra? Right?" In a similar vein, "Andor" enthusiast @smileysmile31 referenced another central "Star Wars" persona as they expressed simultaneous approval and uneasiness with the nascent Karneero combo, saying, "The Dedra and Syril thing is so uncomfortable and it's great. I can't believe my guy is out-simping ol' Benny Solo." Also, somewhat disconcerted by what might be a blossoming attraction between the two odious Imperial lackeys, @adaywithshelley tweeted, "Who else was like [shocked, teeth-gritting emoticons] with Deedra [sic] and Syril [hand-slapped-over-mouth emoticon]." And, feeling that the two actually share some compatible traits, @InfinityGate tweeted, "Aww....Dedra and Syril. Why can't I quit you no matter how miserable or pathetic you both are?"