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Immortus Is Coming In The New Trailer For Doom Patrol Season 4

"Doom Patrol" just might be the most dysfunctional superhero team around. Made up of has-beens and misfits, the team has saved the world from one messy situation after another, even as they occasionally cause troubles of their own. Still, this seems to be one of the central draws of the HBO Max series, as the off-kilter nature of these oddballs makes for an entertaining and often unpredictable series (via Rotten Tomatoes).

Made up of characters that are as unstable as they are effective, the "Doom Patrol" has still managed to fight off many enemies over the course of the series that are as bizarre and troubled as they themselves are. From nazi scientist Heinrich Von Fuchs (Julian Richings) to megalomaniacal supervillain Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) to the overzealous Ezekiel the Cockroach (Curtis Armstrong), there's no shortage of opponents that the crew has sent packing. Still, the team may be facing their most dangerous foe yet as a new baddie takes center stage in Season 4 of the show.

Immortus is the source of the Doom Patrol's ongoing youth

Over the course of "Doom Patrol," it has been occasionally noted how most of the team, including their leader Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton), have remained perpetually youthful for decades. Though the reason for this seemed to be one of Caulder's many closely kept secrets, it looks like the truth may be coming to light in Season 4.

As shown in the latest trailer, the Doom Patrol is set to face off against Immortus in the latest batch of episodes on HBO Max. Though the villain may not be as well known as other DC bad guys like Joker or Lex Luthor, he is a formidable foe all the same. A tactically proficient general who claims to have lived for thousands of years and fought in almost every war in history, Immortus is a truly dangerous villain (via League of Comic Geeks).

Furthermore, Immortus could unravel the "Doom Patrol" team even more in Season 4 of the series, as he's the canonical source of their fountain of youth. With this fact in mind, as well as Immortus' history of waging war across countless generations, the villain could be the biggest threat the crew has faced in the series thus far. How the team will deal with Immortus remains to be seen, but fans will be able to find out when Season 4, Part 1 begins on HBO Max on December 8.