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Yellowstone Fans Have Some Bleak Opinions On The Show After Season 5 Episode 3

We're three episodes into Season 5 of "Yellowstone" now, and the events which transpired in "Tall Drink of Water" have fans and viewers on social media doing one of their favorite things: complaining. The hour ended with Beth (Kelly Reilly) being dragged off in handcuffs for committing aggravated assault shortly after securing a major business deal, as well as some tender moments for Rip (Cole Hauser), Carter (Finn Little), Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith), and others. But it wasn't enough for some of the viewers at home.

To be fair to the show, Episode 3 has earned 8.2/10 stars on IMDb so far, and critics on Rotten Tomatoes are giving Season 5 an 86% approval rating (which drastically contrasts the audience's 25% approval). Not only are reviews seemingly mixed, but those who are holding negative opinions are being very vocal about them. And no, it wasn't just because of the excessive amount of "Tulsa King" commercials. The biggest and loudest complaints are stemming from the substance of the script.

Fans are harping on the lackluster writing more than anything

First and foremost were the viewers who complained that the pacing was bad and that the story was unnecessarily dragged out to fill the hour. One Redditor claimed it could have been edited down to 20 minutes, while /u/NoHugsAmCactus thought it could have been told in 10 minutes or less. It also appears as though Sheridan's formula of torturing characters for the sake of drama is growing stale with fans, /u/muscles44 in particular. In a similar vein, /u/F5_MyUsername would like a little more happy reprieve in order to recover from the saturation of "shock trauma drama tragedy...Just let the show breathe." And /u/basicmemeheir did not mince words when they complained that the side story with Kayce and Monica losing their baby "feels forced having to watch his wife go through something traumatic that had no foundation with the story. I get that it's sad, but it is just horribly written and unnecessary."

Not everyone was dissatisfied with Episode 3, though. Fans who enjoyed it were quick to clap back at those who, like /u/WickedFierce1, complained that nothing of consequence happened. /u/BrisketAggie pointed out the not-so-insignificant accomplishment of Beth destroying the company that was trying to build the airport. And /u/smithsp86 jumped on that dogpile, adding that "If the 'nothing happened' people were right even half as often as they complain Lee would still be alive."