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Where You've Seen The Cast Of Mammals Before

The Amazon Prime original series "Mammals" is a six-part window into the pitfalls of modern marriage. This relationship-focused series walks a fine line between pessimism and hope, with dashes of snappy humor to balance heavy dramatic moments. In an interview with Esquire, showrunner Jez Butterworth describes the series as a "sympathetic" commentary on the challenges of building a successful monogamous relationship in today's world. Butterworth is best known as a critically-acclaimed playwright in the U.K., but he is also a talented screenwriter and director. His unique vision adds a raw, relatable quality to "Mammals" that is sure to resonate with audiences. 

The series primarily details the lives of two couples with seemingly parallel stories of waning affection and wandering eyes. Both husbands fear their wives losing interest in their marriage, but they each cope with this situation differently. The cast of this dramedy has convincing on-screen chemistry that brings their characters' complex relationships to life. Prior to "Mammals," each actor has built their undeniable talent throughout successful careers in film and television. While these characters are likely to become memorable entries on their resumes, audiences will also recognize the cast of "Mammals" from earlier roles in other successful projects. 

Melia Kreiling

Amandine Buckingham seems like a doting wife in the first episode of "Mammals," but audiences (and her unfortunate husband) quickly learn that she has a shocking hidden life. She isn't the show's primary protagonist, but her story is arguably the most compelling. Sadly, Amandine suffers a miscarriage while on an anniversary getaway with her husband and spends the rest of the series pulling away from him. To deal with her grief, she makes some dubious decisions, such as resigning from her job to focus on studying the violin. Although it initially seems like a case of cheating, audiences slowly learn the truth behind Amandine's motivations as the story unfolds. 

Actress Melia Kreiling gives an excellent performance as Amandine, but audiences will likely recognize her from the smash hit film "Guardians Of The Galaxy." Kreiling plays Bereet, a minor but memorable character who has a short-lived affair with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). Bereet is a Krylorian who originally appeared in a handful of comic books published by Marvel. In the television world, audiences may also know Kreiling as the resentful would-be heiress Ginger Sweet from the 2020 Fox series "Filthy Rich."

James Corden

Actor and producer James Corden plays Jamie Buckingham, the unlucky protagonist of "Mammals." Although he has a successful career as a Michelin star chef, Jamie's personal life is slowly unraveling. In the first episode, he loses his unborn son to a miscarriage and finds out that his wife has been unfaithful. Corden does an excellent job of portraying Jamie as a warm, loving husband, which makes him a very sympathetic character. He also expertly delivers some of Jamie's more humorous lines, adding much-needed comic relief to an otherwise difficult situation. 

Corden has won multiple Primetime Emmys for his work in television and hosts "The Late Late Show" on CBS. However, the actor also has multiple voice acting and live-action film performances to his credit. Audiences may recognize Corden from "Ocean's 8," where he plays a very different kind of character. Insurance fraud investigator John Frazier is a no-nonsense professional determined to catch the Oceans in the act. He investigates a robbery at Cartier and tries to strong-arm Debbie (Sandra Bullock) into cooperating. Animated movie fans may also recognize him as the voice of Peter Rabbit in the 2018 film "Peter Rabbit," and its 2021 sequel, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway." 

Sally Hawkins

The multi-talented Sally Hawkins has worked as a writer, producer, and actress for the last two decades. In "Mammals," she takes on the role of Lue, a reserved woman who is also Jamie Buckingham's sister and Jeff Wilson's disinterested wife. Lue is a small business owner who finds solace in books and often seems to have her head in the clouds. She isn't invested in most of her conversations with Jeff, preferring to spend her days daydreaming about the extraordinary life of Coco Chanel in the '20s. Her fascination is so profound that her interior monologue often features quotes from a biography of the iconic designer. Sadly, Lue doesn't get as much screen time as the other characters, though most of her appearances are witty and memorable.

Before joining the series, Hawkins appeared in several other film and television roles. Most notably, she played Elisa Esposito in the science fiction romance, "The Shape of Water." Elisa is part of the cleaning staff at a government facility and only communicates through sign language. Even without spoken lines, she makes Elisa a dynamic, compelling protagonist. In recognition of her work on this project, Hawkins received a 2018 Academy Award nomination for best actress in a leading role for her work in "The Shape of Water." In 2014, she also scored a nomination for best actress in a supporting role for her performance in "Blue Jasmine."

Colin Morgan

As Jamie Buckingham comes to terms with the dark reality behind his marriage, he looks to his best friend and brother-in-law, Jeff Wilson, for support. Colin Morgan takes on the role of this pivotal secondary character, who often employs humor to add lightness to difficult moments. While he helps Jamie through his marriage troubles, Jeff tries to make peace with the fact that his own wife is also growing more distant. The two men demonstrate a strong bond and natural chemistry, which makes their friendship one of the most relatable highlights of the miniseries. 

Morgan is no stranger to the world of television, and audiences may recognize him from the 2008 series "Merlin." This series introduces audiences to a fresh new chapter in Merlin's life, departing from the usual depictions of him as an older man. Instead, Morgan plays the eponymous wizard in his early adulthood while he navigates the world of King Arthur's court. Morgan's portrayal of this well-known character makes a classic story more relatable to modern audiences. "Merlin" enjoyed a successful five-season run on BBC and received multiple award nominations in both the U.S. and the U.K. Like many members of the "Mammals" cast, Morgan also has a single-episode cameo in the "Doctor Who" series in which he plays Jethro in the 2008 episode "Midnight." 

Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson's character, Dan, is one of many diversions Amandine employs to distract herself from unhappiness. He is a talented violin teacher who Amandine hires in Episode 2. Amandine's parents give her a family heirloom violin after her miscarriage, and Amandine soon becomes determined to learn how to play it. Dan initially appears to be a kind, well-meaning character with a deep passion for his favorite instrument. Unfortunately, he's also utterly oblivious to the reason for Jamie's suspicious behavior towards him and nearly ends up in an altercation with the jealous husband. Dan is just one of several suspected love interests for Amandine, and he remains kind and supportive towards her in spite of Jamie's actions. 

Before starring in "Mammals," Anderson took on a very different role from the creative, friendly Dan. True crime fans may recognize him as DC Paul Wilkie from the four-episode miniseries "Landscapers." Wilkie is an amusingly oblivious detective who works with his partner, DC Emma Lansing (Kate O'Flynn), to bring two murderers to justice. Anderson's performance is consistent and memorable across the series and adds a welcome comedic element. Fans of the "Doctor Who" franchise may also remember Anderson as Danny Pink, a British army sergeant who appeared in ten episodes of the beloved series in 2014.

Isla Gie

Isla Gie may only be 11 years old, but the young actress has already built an excellent foundation for her career. Gie stars as Greta, Jamie and Amandine's daughter, who audiences first meet in Episode 2. Greta is understandably troubled by her mother's recent miscarriage and tells her father that she was looking forward to having a sibling. But then, she asks her father if they are still a family after this tragedy. The moment is heartbreaking for audiences and immediately makes the little girl a sympathetic character. As the series progresses, audiences learn that although Jamie raises Greta as his daughter, Amandine's ex-fiancé is her biological father. 

The actress actually got her start in musical theater in the U.K., but television audiences may also recognize her from Netflix's "The Sandman." This series draws inspiration from a DC Comics publication of the same name and follows the central character, Dream, on his quest to restore order to the universe. Gie stars as the dream-bound child version of Zelda (Cara Horgan) in two episodes. Gie also appears in the BBC series "The Outlaws" as Holly, a straightforward, precocious young girl who adds her unique brand of comic relief to nine episodes.

Rasmus Hardiker

A reliable staff is crucial to any chef's success, and Jamie Buckingham puts all of his trust in his kitchen crew in Episode 3. When Jamie has to open his new restaurant, "Amandine," without heavily sought-after Savini truffles, he has to rely on his crew to deliver excellent dishes with an alternate ingredient. Rasmus Hardiker stars as Briggsy, one crucial member of the new restaurant's team. Briggsy tries to be supportive during the restaurant's opening night, but Jamie clearly has other things on his mind. Though he only makes three brief appearances in the series, Hardiker successfully embodies many qualities a real-life chef would need from his right-hand man. 

Before starring in this role, Hardiker made multiple appearances in other television series and has a number of voice-acting roles in children's animated programs such as Philip in the "Thomas & Friends" series and Scott Tracy in "Thunderbirds Are Go." Live-action television audiences may remember him from his single-episode appearance in the wildly popular Netflix series, "Black Mirror," in which he played Harry in the Season 2 episode "White Christmas."

Naoko Mori

Naoko Mori plays Siobhan, a counselor that Jamie and Amandine start seeing following the miscarriage. She tries to guide the couple through their grief process, but the Buckinghams are too distracted or dishonest to fully engage in their counseling sessions. Nevertheless, Siobhan is a wise and observant professional with a knack for asking thought-provoking questions. Unfortunately, she only has a handful of scenes in the series and primarily functions as Jamie's internal voice of reason. At the beginning of the third episode, she asks Jamie a poignant question about how he sees himself in terms of his wife. Although Jamie doesn't directly answer, the question clearly reflects his internal struggle with Amandine's infidelity.

Mori is a talented character actor who has appeared in minor television and movie roles since the early '90s. One of her earliest roles was the pregnant best friend of the Spice Girls, Nicola, in "Spice World." Viewers will also probably recognize her as Yumiko from 2018's "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.," the star-studded sequel to 2008's "Mamma Mia!" TV audiences may also remember Mori  as Toshiko Sato from "Torchwood," a spin-off series based on the ever-popular "Doctor Who" franchise.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Amandine Buckingham has at least three affairs across the series, but one of the most notable encounters comes to light in Episode 4. The events of this episode occur seven years before the story's present-day events, and we meet the man Amandine loved when she first met Jamie. Actor Henry Lloyd-Hughes plays Jack Elliot, a wealthy man who takes Amandine on a private flight at the beginning of the episode. She and Jamie actually meet in an elevator aboard Jack's yacht, where Jamie works as part of the kitchen staff. Naturally, Jack disapproves of Jamie being anywhere except the kitchen and fires him for daring to talk to Amandine. Ironically, he later becomes a support system for both Jamie and Amandine as they navigate the darkest days of their marriage. 

Lloyd-Hughes has been writing, producing, and acting for over 15 years and has a special talent for playing powerful, ambitious characters. TV audiences will remember him as Aaron Peel, the main antagonist in Season 2 of "Killing Eve." Peel is the CEO of a powerful technology firm called Pharaday and shares Jack Elliot's dismissive attitude towards those beneath him. "Killing Eve" enjoyed a four-season run on BBC and is still a popular streaming option. Lloyd-Hughes also featured in the historical drama "Indian Summers," where he stars as the series' dynamic protagonist, Ralph Whelan, and in the popular U.K. comedy series, "The Inbetweeners," as the high school bully Mark Donovan.

Nina Touissant-White

Actress Nina Touissant-White appears in three episodes of "Mammals" as Jane, a kind and helpful employee at Lue's independent shop. She is typically stationed behind the cash register, poised to assist whenever needed. Jane's spoken lines are limited, but one of her most memorable scenes occurs in Episode 5 when Lue gets lost in a daydream instead of assisting customers. Like any great employee, Jane helps the frustrated customer find what she needs. Though Jane is by no means a significant character, Touissant-White still gives a pleasant and believable performance as the supportive store clerk.

Touissant-White is a familiar face to BBC audiences as she has appeared in multiple series over the last decade. She often plays characters with a similarly sunny disposition to Jane. For instance, one of her most recognizable roles is Sydney "Syd" Chambers from "EastEnders." Syd is a likable, eclectic nurse and mother who dreams of becoming a musician. This British soap opera first aired in 1985 and is still a popular BBC program in 2022. Audiences may also remember Touissant-White as Jude from the romantic comedy series "Switch." Jude is one in a group of twenty-somethings who happen to be modern-day witches. The series follows the young women as they tackle the challenges of everyday life and try to blend into the non-magical world.

Mido Hamada

Jamie Buckingham's sister, Lue, has a rich fantasy life, and actor Mido Hamada plays a prominent role in her most elaborate fantasies in Episodes 5 and 6. He stars as Coco Chanel's fiancé, Pierre, a charming man who captivates Lue from the moment she envisions him. In her imagination, Pierre meets with her at a jazz club and the two enjoy an intimate evening together. Pierre is romantic, passionate, and has a take-charge attitude that Lue clearly finds very desirable. In short, the clean-cut, handsome man represents everything Lue's husband, Jeff, is not.

Before he became a dramedy dreamboat, Hamada mostly starred in crime dramas, military dramas, and procedural television shows, such as "NCIS," "Hawaii Five-0," and "MI-5." However, audiences will most likely recall seeing Hamada as The Butcher in Clint Eastwood's 2014 film "American Sniper." The Butcher is a ruthless militant who commits violent atrocities against his own people and acts as the primary antagonist in the movie. Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter has a mostly favorable opinion of "American Sniper," counting it as one of Eastwood's "in a number of years." Hamada also appeared as IRK operative Samir Mehran in Season 8 of "24."