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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Green Ranger: Powers And Abilities Explained

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" is a cherished childhood memory to many 1990s kids, but lately, the show has been in the headlines for a much more tragic reason, on account of the devastating death of Jason David Frank. Apart from his role as the original Green Power Ranger Tommy Oliver, Frank was a legitimate martial artist with a lengthy acting career and other artistic ventures. However, his on-screen career was arguably dominated by his many appearances as Tommy.

After Frank passed away at the age of 49, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" fans may find themselves reminiscing on his lengthy tenure as Tommy. Frank's character is a particularly powerful Ranger who wears a great many hats over the course of the franchise, and has a profound impact on the overarching plot. Even so, it may be difficult to remember just how powerful the character was. Here's a look at the Green Ranger's considerable powers and abilities.

The Green Ranger has a range of unique abilities

There have been a great many Green Rangers over the years, many of whom can wield various forms and enhancement modes that provide them with an assortment of abilities. However, despite this and the fact that Tommy Oliver has worn many other colors over the years, the Green Ranger moniker is still most closely associated with him, so let's focus on Tommy's particular power set.

While the Green Ranger has enhanced physical attributes like other classic Power Rangers, his most formidable offensive asset is his link to the Dragonzord, one of the more dangerous zords out there – and one that can go toe to toe with the mighty Megazord itself. He also boasts the standard Power Ranger equipment, such as the Power Morpher and the iconic wrist communicator. Tommy eventually upgrades his Power Morpher into a high-powered Master Morpher, which can store an array of Power Coins and allows him to efficiently circle through his various Ranger forms whenever the situation so requires.

Being originally a villainous Ranger created by Rita Repulsa (Machiko Soga, voiced by Barbara Goodson), the Green Ranger first wields the ultra-powerful Sword of Darkness, which he loses with his defeat and redemption. As a force of good, he uses the formidable Dragon Dagger, which projects energy blasts and doubles as a flute-style control device for the Dragonzord. His signature power is the Dragon Shield, a unique set of golden armor that protects and heals him, and gives him a significant power boost compared to other Rangers — as well as a cool, unique look.