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Gary Oldman Hints At His Future Retirement

Gary Oldman's impressive, 40-year run in Hollywood is emblematic of the thespian's unique ability to bring believability to the many diverse and unforgettable roles he has played over the last four decades. Whether it's Oldman's Emmy-nominated work on the television show "Friends," or his appearance in the highest-grossing DC Comics movie of all time, "The Dark Knight Rises" (per Box Office Mojo), Oldman has taken on virtually every acting challenge imaginable. And Oldman attributes his success to a staunch work ethic. "When I arrive on the set, I've done my homework," Oldman said in an interview for the Golden Globes YouTube page in 2018. "And I'm ready to work."

Oldman first appeared in the 1982 film "Remembrance," according to IMDb, but over the years, the thespian has portrayed an eclectic mix of historical and pop culture figures, including the infamous Lee Harvey Oswald ("JFK"), the blood-sucking Vlad the Impaler ("Bram Stoker's Dracula"), and the musical maestro Ludwig van Beethoven ("Immortal Beloved").

Warner Bros. Pictures profited from Oldman's virtuoso performance as the Batman's (Christian Bale) closest ally, Commissioner Jim Gordon, brought to life in Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy. Plus, Warner Bros. gave Harry Potter fans the chance to see Oldman step into the shoes of the literary character Sirius Black in the big-screen adaptations of the Wizarding World, even if Black's on-screen fate was tragically disappointing. But now it seems Oldman is content with retiring after his stint on the streaming series "Slow Horses" ends.

Retirement looms for Oldman

Gary Oldman expressed that his storied career is winding down, but the actor seems quite satisfied potentially ending his run with the new Apple TV+ adaptation of "Slow Horses." "I'm 65 next year, 70 is around the corner," Oldman said in an interview with Deadline. "I don't want to be active when I'm 80. I'd be very happy and honored and privileged to go out as Jackson Lamb — and then hang it up."

Critically, Oldman received the most praise for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in "Darkest Hour," which included Academy Award, BAFTA, and Golden Globe wins amongst his many other accolades (via IMDb). "I've had an enviable career, but careers wain, and I do have other things that interest me outside of acting," Oldman said in an interview with The Sunday Times. "When you're young you think you're going to get round to doing all of them — read that book — then the years go by."

Now, before Oldman does call it quits, he will team up with his "Dark Knight" trilogy director, Christopher Nolan, once more. The thespian is slated to portray the small role of United States President Harry S. Truman in "Oppenheimer." Beyond that, Oldman will also participate as Admiral Ernst Bishop in the video games, "Star Citizen," which also features Andy Serkis and Mark Strong, according to IMDb, and "Squadron 42." As this wasn't a definitive retirement announcement, it's possible there are more projects yet to come. After all, Oldman is still a long way off from 80.