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We've Actually Seen Sylvie's Date Dylan On Chicago Fire Before

It's pretty common to discover that actors have played numerous different roles on the same show, but it's still fun when you realize "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul's" Giancarlo Esposito played two different characters on "Law & Order" or that Justin Theroux played Jared in Season 1 of "Sex and the City," and then returned as Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) boyfriend, Vaughn, in Season 2. One Chicago shows "Chicago Med," "Chicago Fire," and "Chicago P.D." have all risen in status, and we see actors portraying different actors across all three shows.

In Season 11, Episode 8 ("A Beautiful Life"), Violet (Hanako Greensmith) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) are at the hospital and come across Dylan (Christopher Allen), who's trying to explain to the nurse that he has a legitimate fear of clowns. As Sylvie, who suffers from the same fear, helps him out, Violet realizes that Dylan is the man Evan (Jimmy Nicholas) had wanted to set Sylvie up with before he died.

We loved seeing Sylvie finally moving on past Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and giving a date a try because clearly, Casey isn't returning. The smile she gave when she spotted Dylan at the coffee shop was everything: it was time for her to find some happiness in love. But we also couldn't shake this nagging suspicion that her date, Dylan, looked very familiar.

Christopher Allen played a character named Jeff in Season 2

Observant "Chicago Fire" fans that have been watching from the beginning will recognize the actor who plays Dylan, Christopher Allen, as Jeff, a character from Season 2, Episode 3 ("Defcon 1"), who was involved in a pretty gruesome accident. Jeff and his buddy, Chris (Alejandro Cordoba), were doing some work with a nail gun and the rapid-fire gun ended up nailing Chris' arm to a board. Shay (Lauren German) and Gabby (Monica Raymund) arrive at the scene and help cut the board so Chris can go to the hospital.

Allen's appearance in the episode was very brief, filled with faces of worry for his friend and horror as he tries to cut the board free. The bearded Dylan, who becomes Sylvie's date, looks much more composed and relaxed than his panicked, anxious counterpart from nine seasons before.

Kara Killmer suggested to TV Insider that "you might see an old love pass through" in regards to her love life, but considering how nervous both Sylvie and Dylan appeared before meeting for their coffee date as well as the rare coincidence that they both suffer from coulrophobia, we have a feeling this isn't the last we see of Dylan. For Sylvie's sake, we hope not.