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The Rookie: Feds Fans Are Buzzing About Bigfoot After Episode 7

ABC's "The Rookie: Feds" celebrated the seventh episode of its recently-extended inaugural season, and viewers had a lot to say about it –- and a certain mythical creature –- on social media.

In this installment, entitled "The Countdown," Special Agents Simone Clark (Niecy Nash-Betts) and Carter Hope (James Lesure) investigate the disappearance of scientist Wallace Yamashiro (Ryan Yu). Upon arriving at his empty campsite, the two learn that he is an avid researcher of Bigfoot -– the massive ape-like creature that has been allegedly spotted for decades.

When fan-favorite Simone is informed of Wallace's work, she cracks up laughing. For many, the idea of a giant beast lurking across North America seems very farfetched. Based on her reaction, her opinion on Bigfoot's existence is clear. As for Carter, he's not so quick to dismiss the beliefs of Wallace...especially when a wad of fur is discovered on a nearby tree. Simone, shocked, tells her colleague, "I mean, you're Mr. All About the Facts. When it comes to Bigfoot, there's no proof." Carter replies, "Well, there's not not proof either. But basically, every indigenous culture on the Pacific coast has stories of a large ape-like creature." He adds, "It's not that far-fetched. Scientists have discovered dozens of new species this year alone."

As the episode progresses, the agents don't exactly find concrete evidence of Bigfoot. They do, however, discover and foil an eco-terrorist's plot to detonate dirty bombs in Los Angeles. But in the final scene, the non-believers receive quite a shock. A video retrieved from Wallace's video camera features him showing "proof" to everyone who ridiculed his efforts –- a footprint in the ground larger than any human could have made.

On social media, "The Rookie: Feds" fans are sounding off on the Bigfoot debate.

Fans enjoyed Carter Hope's surprising belief in Bigfoot

Many "The Rookie: Feds" viewers shared Simone Clark's astonishment over Carter Hope's openness to the idea of Bigfoot. Yet given his usually-serious demeanor, they agreed that it added a fun and unexpected element to the character.

On Twitter, @raysgal said, "I love that the uptight guy believes in Bigfoot." @nancysleuth tweeted in disbelief, "PLS CARTER IS SUCH A BELIEVER IN BIGFOOT." @Kakashi316 wrote, "Lol, I'm enjoying seeing Carter geek out to Bigfoot." @Steph_11and78 added, "Carter is open to believing in Bigfoot? I did NOT expect that!"

The thought of an FBI agent taking an interest in the Bigfoot legend isn't completely unfathomable. As reported by CNBC in 2019, a staunch Bigfoot believer and investigator named Peter Byrne, who was 93 at the time of his interview, once requested the FBI to test a hair sample that he felt would prove the creature's existence. On November 24, 1976, Byrne wrote a letter to Jay Cochran Jr., FBI assistant director, detailing his discovery. The FBI obliged, but the answer wasn't what Byrne wanted. Cochran said, "It was concluded as a result of these examinations that the hairs are of a deer family origin."

Alleged Bigfoot sightings, which according to Smithsonian Magazine began over 60 years ago in Northern California, continue. A recent example came in August 2022, when three visitors to Hunting State Park in South Carolina spotted a creature that was between 5 and 6 feet tall and walking upright (via WIS News 10). It had, according to their report to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, "dark brown, splotchy black hair that was approximately 2 inches long."

We'd love to hear what Simone and Carter have to say about that one.