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Encanto's John Leguizamo Says Kids Don't Want To Talk To Him About Bruno

John Leguizamo's list of credits is arguably as impressive as it is extensive. Among his many noteworthy endeavors, a variety of titles occupy each slot, like "Moulin Rouge," "Spawn," Romeo & Juliet," "Super Mario Bros.," and the "John Wick" films. The talented actor is a versatile player who will most likely make his presence known whenever he enters the frame, especially in films like "Violent Night" with David Harbour and "The Menu" with Anya Taylor-Joy (via IMDb). Leguizamo has compiled a resume that includes a considerable number of worthwhile titles, and out of all the films he has been a part of that have received the Certified Fresh designation, "Encanto" reigns supreme as one of his highest-rated credits according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Leguizamo lends his familiar voice to Bruno Madrigal in the Academy Award-winning film "Encanto." The character in the Pixar flick — the uncle of Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) — possesses the ability to see into the future and is one of the most powerful characters in the movie (via CNN). But despite all of that, when younger fans meet Leguziamo, they simply don't want to talk about Bruno.

Some younger fans don't talk about Bruno with the actor who plays him

The "Encanto" star revealed that his interactions with children who loved the film and are fans of Bruno don't go so well. "Parents recognize me, like, want me to meet their kids and go, 'This is Bruno,' and then it never goes well," John Leguizamo said during an interview on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" (via YouTube). "They don't get it. They don't like it. They see this mug, and they go, 'Oh, no, not so cool. He's not really Bruno.'" 

While the kids may not fully grasp that Leguizamo is, in fact, the one bringing Bruno to life on screen with his voice, the character has resonated well with audiences, especially regarding the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno." The catchy tune about forsaking poor Bruno hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, has had over 100 million streams on Spotify (via Disney Music), and has racked up 500 million video views on YouTube. Luckily for Bruno Madrigal, the message behind the hit track didn't remain the case in the movie, with the family re-embracing him back into the fold by the end.

The misunderstood persona had a rough road in the story, and some fans don't believe he is the true villain of the story. Hopefully, one day they'll come to terms with being able to chat about Bruno, and it will be fascinating to witness what the future holds for Bruno if a possible sequel to "Encanto" should ever come to fruition.