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What Is The Song In Pixar's Elemental Teaser Trailer?

Perhaps more than any other point in history, film trailers are revered by many as a legit art form. Some marketing gurus might even argue crafting a good trailer is far more important than crafting a good movie. And history might actually back that sentiment up. Still, few can argue that a lot of effort doesn't go into making the stylish, minutes-long trailers and teasers that hit the world on a daily basis. And that typically involves choosing just the right music to back the action.

If you're among the many who've already experienced the 1-minute and 27-second marvel that is the first teaser for Pixar's latest animated delight "Elemental," you know it's a near-flawless blend of style, substance, and, of course, song. As for the style and substance, well, that's just par for the course with Pixar, which has been delivering the goods on both fronts for the better part of the past three decades. Even in its brevity, the teaser for "Elemental" still fronts just the sort of stylized world building, and character-centric story we've come to expect from the animation powerhouse. But the capper for this luscious, 87-second teaser has to be the joyous little ditty selected to soundtrack all the visual splendor.   

Bakar's Hell N Back is the neo-soul stunner blissfully backing the Elemental teaser

That infectious number is called "Hell N Back." It was released by UK singer Bakar on his 2019 EP "Will You Be My Mellow." And it is the very definition of an "earworm." It's only fitting then that we hear the track through the headphones of young Ember (Leah Lewis) in the "Elemental" teaser. It's a safe enough bet the song is already finding it's way to a lot more headphones and ear buds in the wake of that teaser hitting YouTube.

As it is, the song has already been a pretty big hit for Bakar. It was, after all, the lead single from the "Will You Be My Mellow" EP (per The Line of Best Fit). And according to Billboard, "Hell N Back" held the number 1 spot on the Adult Alternative Songs Chart for a record-breaking 27-weeks. Given how many people are about to discover it via a YouTube stream, or during their next visit to the multiplex, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see it back on those charts in the coming weeks. If you want to see Bakar perform "Hell N Back" in its entirety, he's got a pretty slick video for the song over on his YouTube page. And in all honesty, that may just prove to be the grooviest three-and-a-half minutes of your day.