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The Origin Of Mr. Terrific's Nickname Explained

It was recently announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran are making a DC Universe bible, which will serve as a roadmap for the creative direction of the cinematic franchise moving forward. Ever since the news came to light, fans have speculated about what the future of DC movies will entail and which characters will make an appearance. However, recent activity from within the DC camp suggests that Mr. Terrific could have a big part to play down the line.

Gunn recently shared a photo of the character on his Twitter page, suggesting that a movie appearance is in the works. The Mr. Terrific tease has fans buzzing with casting ideas, and some are under the impression that some "Justice of Society of America" spin-offs are on the way. The tease also came after "Black Adam's" Hawkman actor Aldis Hodge told GamesRadar that he'd like to do a team-up film featuring Hawkman and Mister Terrific.

While excitement for Mr. Terrific is in the air, the character might be unknown to some fans. With that in mind, let's discuss who he is and find out how he got his superhero moniker.

Mr. Terrific took his name from a golden-age superhero

Mister Terrific didn't start out with such an epic nickname. Like most superheroes before and after him, it came to him after a period of contemplation and soul-searching. The main iteration of the character — and the version teased by James Gunn and Aldis Hodge — is called Michael Holt, a genius who possesses unparalleled skills in almost every field he's studied and participated in, including detective work, engineering, science, and athletics.

However, life hasn't been a walk in the park for Holt. Following the death of his brother, the hero considered taking his own life, but a visit from Spectre convinced him to persevere. The god told Holt about a golden-age hero called Terry Sloane, who went by the name Mr. Terrific back in the day. Holt was inspired by Sloane's life story as it echoed his own, and he took on the Mr. Terrific moniker as a tribute to the hero.

Like Holt, the original Mr. Terrific was a master of many vocations, but he also contemplated suicide at one point. However, a chance encounter with a woman who tried to jump from a bridge changed his mindset, and he went on to become a superhero, serving as a member of the Justice League of America.