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Jamie Lee Curtis Has A Hopeful Update About Her Pitched Freaky Friday Sequel

Jamie Lee Curtis has had an incredibly diverse career that has spanned well over four decades. Obviously, one of her best-known movie roles was also her first as Laurie Strode in the original "Halloween" in 1978. She's been associated with that franchise since then too, most recently appearing in 2022's "Halloween Ends." However, outside of the horror genre, Curtis has also made quite a name for herself in more comedic films as well. "Freaky Friday" is arguably one of the most successful examples of this.

The third adaptation of Mary Rodger's book of the same name, "Freaky Friday" was released in 2003 and starred both Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as Tess and Anna Coleman respectively, a mother and daughter with a rocky relationship who end up switching bodies and living each other's lives. The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews, garnering an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and grossing $160 million worldwide (per Box Office Mojo). In October, Curtis revealed that she had pitched a sequel idea to Disney (per The View), but now she has given fans another hopeful update regarding the potential follow-up to "Freaky Friday."

Curtis says Disney has shown interest in a sequel

While speaking with Variety at the premiere of the upcoming "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that both she and Lindsay Lohan are both all-in on the "Freaky Friday" sequel and that Disney has definitely shown some interest in getting the film made. However, she also said that nothing has been set in stone yet and that it could still take some time to see the film come to fruition if indeed it does at all.

"There is no scheduled date, but we're talking," Curtis said. "People are talking. The right people are talking. I'm 64 in a week and Lindsay is 36 ... [A sequel] lends itself so beautifully. We're both committed to it, and it's not ours to make. It's Disney's to make and I think they're interested and we're talking."

It's definitely an encouraging update for fans who have been waiting for a "Freaky Friday" sequel. The timing is also pretty good, especially where Lohan is concerned. Recently, the actress made a lot of buzz over her return to acting. The recently released "Falling for Christmas" romantic comedy on Netflix marks Lohan's first big starring role since 2013's "The Canyons." She also has yet another Netflix film scheduled to release in 2023 titled "Irish Wish." Capitalizing on this comeback and shooting for a sequel to one of her more successful early career films just seems like a smart move — though again, nothing is set in stone quite yet.