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David Thewlis' Harry Potter Character May Have Subconsciously Inspired Harry Bradbeer's Role In Enola Holmes 2- Exclusive

David Thewlis melted the hearts of "Harry Potter" fans everywhere when he played the werewolf Remus Lupin in the third film. Not only is he the best (and least problematic) Defense Against the Dark Arts Hogwarts professor, but he's also the only one who truly cares for all of his students. While plenty of werewolf roles hinge on the character's "monster" side, keeping ahold of his humanity is Lupin's number one priority. It's no surprise that such an iconic and warmhearted role would make an impact on pop culture as a whole — and maybe even inspire a role or two. So, just how much did Remus Lupin impact Director Harry Bradbeer's decision to cast Thewlis as Superintendent Grail in "Enola Holmes 2"?

During an exclusive interview with Looper for "Enola Holmes 2," Bradbeer discussed how he came about casting David Thewlis, his take on villains, and how Thewlis' "Harry Potter" character may have inspired the director's take on the character without realizing it.

The holy grail of Potter actors

On whether Helena Bonham Carter and David Thewlis' mini "Harry Potter" reunion played a part in their casting, Bradbeer said, "I had David Thewlis in my mind when I wrote this character when we did the story. I always wanted him because I didn't actually know him very well from 'Harry Potter.' I know in 'Harry Potter' [he] plays a benign and kind character. David's villainy was always going to involve a little bit of humanity and vulnerability."

Yet Remus Lupin is so larger-than-life that even Bradbeer can't say for sure whether or not Thewlis' kindheartedness in "Harry Potter" affected his casting and direction of the character. He added, "Maybe it was a bit of that that inspired me because villains who are just bad are boring. We all need to be loved. We all want to be understood, and he's no less. He's a police superintendent who everybody thinks is a bit of a bad guy, a bit of a brat, really. He wants to advance himself. I like that vulnerability that David can bring." And there's no denying that Thewlis can do just that, no matter what character he plays.

"Enola Holmes 2" is now streaming on Netflix.